Savanting’s Development by Lauren Holmes

A Childhood Vision

Savanting began as a vision for the future of humanity which Lauren Holmes formulated for a high school project.

Experimenting with Leadership

Lauren developed her expertise for organizational and industry change leadership as a top-rated manager in some of the world’s largest multinationals (IBM and global financial institutions).

Mid-1980s to Early 1990s:

Learning from Top Global Change Leaders

To broaden her knowledge of leadership and industry and organizational change, Lauren headed an executive search firm dedicated exclusively to the recruitment of change leaders at the board, CEO, and senior executive   levels. Lauren interviewed hundreds of top leaders from major global companies, both for requisitioned searches and in partnership with the large relocation counseling firms dealing with the massive release of executives during the recession of the early 90s.


Formulating the first iteration of Savanting™

Back-to-back interviews with so many executives enabled Lauren to realize that leaders are not operating the way most leadership development theories have specified.  As an evolutionary anthropologist and primatologist trained in objective observation, Lauren came to understand leadership differently.  She then found science to confirm her observations in such fields as quantum physics, chaos theory, catastrophe theory, the biological sciences, systems biology, systems theory, emergence theory, and evolutionary theory.  These are the scientific foundations underpinning Savanting  which are transparent to practitioners.  No scientific discoveries to date disprove Savanting.  In fact, Savanting identifies plausible directions in which many scientific fields will eventually advance and how to speed that advance.

With the dearth of jobs due to fear-driven downsizing rather than smart frontiering™ and creation, so much excellent talent was discarded by society. Sadly, the leaders and change facilitators who could have rescued so many were the first to go.  Both societal and individual systems were traumatized. Savanting’s mission was born.  With new ways of operating, new functionality, and especially with frontiering™   capability, individual and societal systems could adapt, advance, co-create, synergize, and co-evolve more quickly to avoid damage and suffering.  If successful, a maximized individual working within his/her field of fascination to achieve peak legacy  –  one’s greatest contribution to society  –   could become an achievable new human right.  It would also be the smartest strategy for maximizing global human resources in the service of the world we all share.


Advancing the Savanting technology, toolkit, products, and services:

Many different corporate identities were required to test out every element of the integrated Savanting paradigm as it stands today at (Savanting education) and (Savanting application:  legacy implementation).  Action-learning experimentation conforming to scientific method was used.


First Action-Learning Experimentation: Frontiering

The first test of the foundational multi-system elements of Savanting related to its methodology for enabling the penetration of new territory safely and expeditiously  –  the underpinning system of meta-competencies and drives shared by adept leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, or high achievers.   This test was achieved by establishing an unprecedented global recycled plastics distribution company for which Lauren Holmes had no credentials or background. Frontiering™ would therefore be required.  As the company became successful and globally known within that community, the frontiering™ experiment was terminated.  Savanting had passed its first test.


Business Professionals:

After the first experiment, Lauren determined it would be faster to support others in their application of Savanting to their own goals than for her to continue to set up her own experiments.  Rather than risk her connections and standing in the corporate world, Lauren found safe testing grounds managing the careers of business professionals.  She used Savanting techniques to identify the right client at the right time for each aspect of Savanting to be tested.


Corporate Executives:

Savanting services were applied to the careers of corporate executives locally and then internationally through the corporate identities of Teamlink Canada and TeamLink International.  Experimentation was predominantly with executives of multinationals because they usually had well-developed cognitive skills and other capabilities allowing Lauren to experiment at the upper end of the meta-competencies that Savanting is designed to instill in practitioners.

Multi-national clients included: Royal Bank, AT&T, IBM, RIM, Bell, BBDO, Young & Rubicam, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Bank of Montreal.

Experimentation also included creating concentrations of individuals using Savanting in order to learn about the Savanting culture of an organization operating in the Savanting paradigm.

2001 to 2005:  

Non-Corporate Individuals en masse:

Lauren needed a safe territory outside of corporations to test out a number of aspects of Savanting and Savanting distribution.  Accordingly, she wrote a book entitled Peak Evolution, Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience (2001) around which a global community could form.

Peak Evolution presents the 1992 iteration of Savanting in non-corporate terms that would not be intimidating to the general public.  Naturality.Net, LLC was the corporate identity used to create this community and it was advertised in the book.   There were 4000 people on the global mailing list within the first 4 months and it was an bestseller.  Areas examined through a public following included:

  • to develop/test one-to-many techniques where, unlike in corporations, participants were strangers
  • to develop/test the means to impact more people more quickly with Savanting methodologies and technologies
  • to develop/test ways in which Savanting could impact larger groups of individuals to enable it to be used as a tool for leaders and achievers
  • to maximize and advance organizations to achieve goals
  • to test Savanting-based group processes on many fronts
  • to determine how to press natural levers to trigger group change in the way done to this point for individuals
  • to experiment with community tools such as chat rooms, discussion and bulletin boards, and other group communication and work tools.
  • to experiment with using Savanting for community-building inside and outside of corporations
  • to market-test Savanting
  • to determine what the competing technologies, theories, and cultural norms were in the market place and how they caused confusion for understanding Savanting,
  • to find ways to circumvent market-related issues:  competing technologies, theories, modes of operation, cultural norms, and existing infrastructures.  The goal was to ensure that Savanting did not conflict with culture, religion, science, and society so that everyone could operate in the Savanting paradigm.
  • to test new mass delivery mechanisms:  teleclinics, telecalls, weekly and periodic programs, audios, videos, support systems and the best structures for achieving and operationalizing the Savanting paradigm shift.  These were international to determine the effects of cultural differences
  • to develop Lauren’s own expertise in a number of areas:  the speed and magnitude of group or community transformation, working with non-executives to complement her career-long focus on executives, creating and sustaining a global community, the application of Savanting technology to group programs and processes, and the ability to transform groups en masse with Savanting without the opportunity to use the personal goals and events of each individual’s life she had had access to in her Savanting work to this point.
  • to develop the exercises and techniques that could personalize the Savanting paradigm and paradigm shift to each person to empower  the generic paradigm shift offered in the audio program (re last item in previous point)
  • to test whether the Savanting paradigm shift could better be accomplished through audios and visuals.  Lauren experimented with audio recordings as the means to raise people’s frequencies and thus the breadth of information and the amount of interconnectedness they are able to perceive and assimilate.
  • Expanded consciousness is key to Savanting’s ability to raise functionality
    to create/develop various programs to experiment with how each of the meta-competencies shared by leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and top performers could best be instilled.
  • to experiment with harnessing the co-evolution of human systems for peak legacy, a key function of leaders and achievers who want to extend their capabilities with those of other systems to achieve beyond their potential.


Corporate Individuals and Groups

Organizational Development Services
What was learned about Savanting at, LLC was taken back to the corporate world through Lauren’s next corporate identities: Frontiering Leadership Group and ReCareering™.  This corporate-based experimentation identified the need for the Savanting paradigm shift audio program now offered.   Natural leaders feel that the Savanting paradigm perfectly defines how they operate. Therefore, many of them requested a tool which allows them to quickly upgrade their organizations to operate as they do.   Putting all key people through the Savanting paradigm shift program accomplished this.


Leadering™ audio program development


Leadering™ audio program release to individual executive clients

In 2007, the audio-based Leadering Paradigm Shift Program replaced Peak Evolution.  The initial target market was individual corporate executives.




Leadering™ program sold to the public through book and DVD distribution networks

Educational support for those trying to master Savanting will still be offered through  Support services include:

  • promoting the re-centering of the individual to the strength of their natural core
  • identifying client strategies for peak legacy and peak growth
  • facilitating the paradigm shift and providing support for the Savanting exercises
  • integrating the paradigm shift into the life of the organization or individual
  • empowering sustained operation and accelerated growth within the paradigm, and
    promoting action-learning experimentation associated with the paradigm shift and ongoing operation.

At, a diversity of Savanting service providers supports those wanting to apply Savanting. Savanting is used to design, launch, and accelerate companies, philanthropic organizations, fields of study or invention, and careers customized to an individual’s or company’s peak legacy, their peak contribution to advancing the world.

The foundations are provided for clients to use Savanting to break through new frontiers in precisely the territory that fascinates them and to be rewarded for it.   Alternatively, we can support you in launching your own structure(s) through which to achieve your peak legacy.

2010 plus:     

Individual Paradigm Shifts lead to Global Paradigm Shifts maximizing the planet’s human resources for intentional evolution

The Leadering™ paradigm shift program recenters people to operating from their greatest strengths, talents, passions, drives and creative expression.  This is the only foundation for one’s greatest performance.  This is the strongest foundation from which to make one’s most significant contribution to the world – to leave one’s most profound lifetime legacy.  This is the formula for maximizing both one’s achievement and one’s rewards.  Imagine how a massive number of maximized people could accelerate world progress.

If Savanting can maximize people for their maximum legacy, we can dramatically accelerate our ability to deal with the issues and limitations restricting and damaging humanity. We can keep pace with the volume of increasing change we now must face.  Making everyone’s peak legacy the number one priority will begin the transformation of the social structure’s that are in the way of the success and survival of humanity.  Cascading change could result from making this maximization.  A new global culture would emerge.  A global paradigm shift would result.

Our cultures and social structures would logically transform accordingly. The damaging of each other will stop since wasting talent would no longer be in our best interest.  The wars, the oppression, the torment, the discrimination, the disregard, the de-valuing, the waste of talent and spirit will be eliminated by the focus of this new unified global culture.

A new people-maximizing global culture to replace outmoded, conflicting, and maladaptive cultural and social constructs.  Our cultures and social structures have been an evolutionary advantage in many ways.

However, many are now too outmoded and primitive. They belong to an earlier stage of human evolution that predates technological unification of the world.  Many are either preventing the progress and adaptivity of the human race or diverting our resources from it.

They are holding us back.  They are damaging people. They are impeding the ability of each individual to maximize their contribution to global progress.  Our ability to adapt and evolve is being culturally compromised.  Our very survival is threatened.

If religions and cultures are causing us to kill or oppress each other, for example, they need to be replaced with maximizing cultures.  If cultures are making the bulk of humanity unable to contribute to our ability to adapt to change, they must go.  We can no longer waste our human resources.  It is no longer about selfishly giving to the poor or oppressed.  It is about selfishly harnessing the talent each person might be able to contribute to the well-being of all.

If the talents of women our wasted in a culture, for example, they will need to be freed or relocated.  If peak legacy is not achievable in some harsh environments of Africa, they need to be offered alternatives, especially for the children.  It is not about unselfishly giving them money to stay in an environment which will never allow them to become contributing members of this new maximizing culture.  It is about selfishly maximizing everyone’s talents in the service of mankind.

Contributing at the level empowered by Savanting is a life formula for achieving the meaning and rewards that an increasing number of individuals seek today.  It is a formula for benefitting oneself through benefitting humanity.

Begin with your own paradigm shift to peak legacy with Savanting.  Your path from there will become apparent. Join the global paradigm shift to peak legacy – the maximization of the planet’s human resources to evolve our world to advantage – in time.

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