The Encore AudioBook narrated by Andrew Cox
The Encore AudioBook – Recording started April 28, 2021

A Must-Read for Aspiring WorldBuilders

WINNER of the Next Generation Indie Book Award for INSPIRATIONAL FICTION

IndieReader describes this award-winning thriller as “a must-read for those who care about our continued existence.

About THE ENCORE: A Transformational Thriller

The Encore is an otherworldly tale of catastrophe, crisis, courage, calling, creation, community, and camaraderie.  It is as alarming and unnerving as it is inspiring and heartwarming.  Yet, The Encore is also an eco-thriller which warns of an all-to-possible future for planet Earth.

A torrent of twists and turns will rivet readers of the Encore until startling reveals end the ride. This shocker is so gripping, so profound, and so riddled with truth and meaning that no reader can remain unchanged.  Nor can the world.

On the surface, The Encore is a gripping page-turner about a planet facing extinction which kidnaps a renowned creator of worldbuilders from future Earth to cultivate a legion of lovable heroes to save the planet.

However, this is a must-read for all aspiring worldbuilders. An unprecedented prescription for personal and planetary transformation governs the action. A new vision for humanity is unveiled. An unparalleled path to unforeseen levels of human potential is demonstrated. The ordinary can indeed achieve the extraordinary.

The profound essence of The Encore is its model of a future world in which everyone’s talents have been maximized in the service of mankind.  Talent came to define Earth’s power structure instead of wealth, birth, education, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and so on.  This single power shift eradicated a whole suite of societal woes generated by systemic discrimination.

Those with the greatest talents had the power to address our greatest challenges thus advantageously accelerating the evolution of civilization.  In addition, every person benefited from capitalizing on biological drives to the highest levels of gratification embodied by self-actualization.  This new model for our world represents the maximization of true human potential individually and collectively.

Many readers were enthralled by the new modus operandi proposed by Lauren Holmes in her 2001 best seller, Peak Evolution: Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience.  The Encore (2018) and her 2019 books Savanting: Outperforming your Potential and BioMaxed reveal how her high-growth, high-achievement method of operation has evolved into new realms of human possibility years later.

The new modus operandi was developed through years of experimentation as an executive recruiter, an executive coach, and then an executive career manager and implementation partner.

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