Creativity: Jobs vs Gates?

Creativity from NonCreatives

Excerpt from Savanting: Outperforming your Potential, Chapter 15 (2019) by Lauren Holmes

Almost all creativity requires purposeful play.           Abraham Maslow

While “innovation” improves an existing system, “creativity” merges existing information systems to generate an entirely new unprecedented system.  In Chapter 3, I noted that American cognitive psychologist Howard Gardner claimed that we are only creative in one or a few domains in which we have expertise.  Therefore, before you label yourself uncreative, it’s important to assume you are only creative in your savant domain.

In addition, researchers such as Harvard’s Teresa Amabile have studies which show that creativity increases during flow states.  Because of biological maximization, bioflow compliance, and activity fusion, savantflows will increase creativity even more.

Therefore, in your savant domain you might be tremendously creative, especially if the bioflow is feeding you the right information at the right time to fuel it.  With savanting, even noncreatives may become creative.  Simply choose savant-domain activities which will incite savantflows.  This is the formula for your greatest creations.

Many assume Steve Jobs is synonymous with creativity and Bill Gates is not.  Yet, both men changed the world.  Let’s explore these assumptions to see what we can learn about savanting’s creativity and how to exploit it for your own worldchanging creations.

Bill’s creativity questioned

Steve Jobs said of Gates, “Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he’s more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology.”  “He just shamelessly ripped off other people’s ideas.”[i]

Yale University computer science professor, David Gelernter, wrote in “Time” magazine in 1998 that he believes Gates is overrated as a pioneer and entrepreneur.  “Bill Gates is an American unoriginal.”  “It can be wiser to follow than to lead.”  Gelernter contends that Microsoft often makes products by re-combining ideas that already exist in the marketplace.

Isn’t this the very definition of creativity in the savanting paradigm?  Steve Jobs’ own definition confirms it:  “Creativity is just connecting things.  When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.  It seemed obvious to them after a while.  That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

Bill Gates’ genius arises from his talent for re-combining entities throughout his life to generate the unprecedented – software programs, businesses, organizations, industries, governments, OED computer manufacturers, philanthropists, charitable organizations, and so on as he aged.  His creativity can’t be confined to Jobs’ limited world of device invention.

In the infancy of Microsoft before Bill’s consciousness had expanded, he could address the creation of a program or later, the re-combining of existing programs, to invent a new program which he would then modify and enhance.

However, with years of savantflows triggering the expansion of his consciousness, Gates’ ability to re-combine what exists expanded to larger entities.  Jobs savant domain and creativity was more like that of savants – narrow but deep.  Comparing the creativity of the two men is like comparing an “Apple” to an orange.

Someone laid down the early structures of the personal computing and software industries – the licensing, structure, standards, and rules of operation behind it.  Creativity occurred.  Can anyone really suggest Bill Gates was not the key creator?  Especially as he does the same for the field of philanthropy and through it to many aspects of the infrastructure underpinning our society.

There can be little doubt about Bill’s talent for generating the foundations for new frontiers, governments, organizations, industries, and markets.  Microsoft thrived locked into the marketplace by Bill’s brilliant business constructs, innovations, and partnerships which made its less-than-stellar technology number one.

Because Jobs did not recognize Bill’s creativity beyond technology, he did not cultivate it in himself.  This was undoubtedly a contributing factor to his being fired from Apple for a decade and the creation of a culture which took Apple to the brink of bankruptcy.  The brilliance of Job’s design required him to relentlessly commit to a narrow focus.  This dedicated focus is a key contributor to the brilliance of his designs.

Is Jobs’ creativity different?

The executive summary

Let me overview my response to this question before going into detail with examples.  Both entrepreneurs had the same intent – to better the lives of individuals en masse.  Both were merged within the bioflow evolving the human race, so they generated products at the forefront of humanity’s evolution.  Both were being fed the right information at the right time by the bioflow to catalyze creativity in their respective savant domains.

Their missions overlapped for most of their careers in the field of personal computing, which – as we have already seen with their success outside of that field – did not define either of their savant domains.  The creativity of Jobs and Gates are, by definition, the same.  Both re-combined existing systems to create an unprecedented system.

However, how they arrived at their end results was different.  Jobs used more creative inspiration where the creative re-combination occurred in his head.  It was achieved by breakthroughs fueled by information systems from the bioflow.  His quote earlier in the chapter reinforces an internal remix.

Gates, on the other hand, used more logic with the re-combining information occurring externally.  It was fueled by coincidences, models and facilitating people and events generated by the bioflow.  His creativity was more action-based.

Their savant domains are different.  Bill’s is broad and big picture.  Steve’s was narrow, deep and detailed.  Bill’s consciousness or span of purview was significantly wider.  This increased his source of fuel for his creations and the information systems he re-combined were bigger.

Gates built the Microsoft product line and business through partnering and inclusion for shared prosperity.  Jobs’ strategy was more isolating by design.  He structured Apple initially to have an exclusive, proprietary, and independent product line which did not mesh well with others.

However, he seemed to model Gates’ inclusion approach when he returned to Apple to rescue it from bankruptcy after his ten-year absence.  Pixar’s work with Disney and others may also have contributed to his transformation as well.

Jobs came to allow others to generate applications for his exclusive product line which helped him to defeat competition such as Blackberry which followed Jobs into exclusion but missed his redirection to inclusion.  Blackberry missed the app bandwagon that saved Apple – especially with its iPhone market penetration.  Without a plethora of device-compliant applications, functionality and personalization were greatly reduced.

The GUIs incident

Let me reveal some of the historical events upon which I based these opinions.  While at Apple, Steve Jobs contracted Bill Gates at Microsoft to write new software to provide the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that were so critical to so many of Jobs’ greatest inventions.

These interfaces would allow a user to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators rather than having to type commands on a keyboard.  As you might imagine, requiring users to learn a plethora of keyboard commands would present an intimidating barrier to entry for most.

Bill Gates was enthralled with the idea of graphical user interfaces and wanted to use them for Microsoft instead of Apple.  Unfortunately, it would be unethical to steal a client’s idea.  Fortunately, Bill coincidentally discovered that Jobs had learned the idea from products both Apple and Microsoft people had seen at Xerox PARC.  Xerox had revealed what they had developed in the hopes that known producers such as Apple and Microsoft would buy the technology or help Xerox to commercialize it.

Therefore, GUIs were not Steve Jobs’ proprietary idea.  It would therefore be fair game for Bill to develop software with graphical user interfaces for Microsoft instead.  This led to the birth of Windows, a system that uses a mouse to drive a graphic interface which displayed text and images on the screen.  Windows was quite an improvement over the text-and-keyboard-driven MS-DOS operating system.

Needless to say, when Jobs heard about Windows, he went ballistic.  This led to Apple initiating a court case which was later dismissed as being without merit.  But fair is fair.  This is how creativity works – new creations emerge by re-combining existing information systems.

While Bill may have sourced software from the marketplace, he was quite clever about adapting and enhancing it for greater market receptivity.  He did the same with Xerox’s GUIs.

He did not directly copy what Xerox had done.  Rather, Gates combined Xerox’s ideas with the trends in his reality and other information systems plus his years of programming finesse to achieve a significantly more advanced outcome with Windows.  Bill was just as creative but didn’t see the need to start from scratch as Jobs did.

Might I also note in Gates’ defense that, despite his criticism of Bill for “ripping off the ideas of others,” Jobs was unconsciously doing exactly the same thing with what he had learned from Xerox.  This is not a criticism.  This is simply the way creativity works for evolution’s adaptivity, for the uber-creative Steve Jobs, and for all of us ordinary folk.

Creative tension

Had Jobs realized this basic underlying dynamic of creativity on an implementation level, he might not have suffered the stresses and strains of the creative tension arising from demanding so much originality from himself and others.  I think this creative tension led to issues with his temper, his toxic disparagement of others, and the health problems that plagued him.  Even a dedication to mindfulness meditation could not dissipate all the creative tension he experienced.

It was undoubtedly this disposition and temperament which caused Jobs to launch a smear campaign against Gates.  As we have seen, Jobs respected Gates enough to hire Microsoft for software development.  According to his authorized biography, Jobs kept a note from Bill Gates beside his deathbed.[ii]  All was not what it seemed between them.  It would appear that many have had a plethora of wrong impressions about Bill Gates for decades.

Different savant domains

What Jobs and others assumed was Bill Gates’ savant domain was, in fact, not.  As a reminder, “domain” and “field” or “industry” are not interchangeable in savanting.  Existing epithets, fields, and categories may not apply.

Your savant domain is based on the maximization of your biological wiring.  The bioflow maximizing machinery decides what your savant domain is at any moment in time based on the theme of which intrinsically or biologically rewarding activities incite your savantflows.

Jeff Bezos knew the truth about Gates when he switched disciplines from physics and Stephen Hawking’s space to computer science and Bill Gates’ worldbuilding.  Yes, it is Bezos and Gates who are comparable not Jobs.

Jobs is the artist who strived for perfection in design to produce devices that were universally loved aesthetically and functionally.  Steve was an aesthetic idealist to whom it was more important to create the best product than to sell the most.  He had passion and vision for what technology could do in people’s lives and the magnetic charisma and incredible showmanship to promote his devices.  Steve Jobs is truly a legend in the field of innovative and interactive design.

For Jobs, software was merely the means to run his devices, make them more endearing and better able to enhance the lives of consumers.  For Gates and Bezos, it was the means to advance the structural underpinnings of civilization globally.  For Zuckerberg, it was the means to unite humanity by creating, reinforcing, and joining the constellation of relationships of each individual.  For all four, it was about bettering the quality of life of individuals en masse. 

Bill Gates has a proven history of a logic-sourced creativity that even noncreatives might emulate.  Gates took existing technology, adapted it to a specific market, and then dominated that market through innovative promotion and shrewd business savvy.

For example, Gates shrewdly chose not to offer to transfer to IBM the copyright on the MS-DOS operating system Microsoft was hired by IBM to write because he believed that other hardware vendors would clone IBM’s system.  This was Gates’ form of brilliant creativity.  And he was right.

Much as he had anticipated, after the first IBM PCs were released, cloners such as Compaq began producing compatible PCs, and the market was soon flooded with clones.  Rather than produce their own operating systems, the cloners decided it was cheaper to purchase MS-DOS off the shelf.

As a result, MS-DOS became the standard operating system for the industry.  By 1993, Windows was selling at a rate of 1 million copies per month and was estimated to be running on nearly 85 percent of the world’s computers.  Microsoft’s sales soared from $7 million in 1980 to $16 million in 1981.

A single creative business move may have generated the bulk of Microsoft’s revenue.  Jobs, David Gelernter, and others had missed the true creativity and worldchanging breakthroughs of Bill Gates.

Microsoft solidified its industry dominance through another creative business move in the mid-1990s.  They combined Windows with their other applications to create “suites,” then persuaded leading computer makers to preload their software on every computer they sold.  The strategy worked so well that by 1999 Microsoft was posting sales of $19.7 billion, and Gates’ personal wealth had grown to a phenomenal $90 billion.

Gates’ passion for global business changed how business was done both within his industries and other industries as well.  He set standards, first with MS-DOS and later with Windows.  These standards shaped the modern computer industry and will continue to influence its growth for decades.

And now, he is repeating the process to generate new standards, structure, and strategy for more impactful mega-philanthropy to ensure it will cause permanent transformation in the world.  The message here is that the real magic of the science behind savanting occurs in one’s savant domain.  For those craving global impact, honor internal and external biology.  Exploit biology to live a life of serial creativity and breakthroughs that will evolve humanity.

Vision from nonvisionaries

Bill Gates was criticized in the 1990s for not recognizing the power and potential of the internet.  He was accused of not being visionary.  Gates admits he did not embrace the Web until 1996, two years after browsers debuted.  However, this does not mean this was the wrong decision for him or Microsoft.

It is not necessary to “see” trends if one is using the signals to move moment by moment with the bioflow evolutionary engine that is generating those trends.  The bioflow would have been orchestrating the maximum of Gates’ system within the maximization of the Microsoft system within the maximization process for humanity’s system.

There is lots of evidence that Gates’ was attuned to the evolutionary advance of those three systems as well as those within his savant domain.  Just by continuing to do intrinsically rewarding work every day, he could experience all the benefits of knowing trends without knowing them.

What appeared in 20/20 hindsight to be smart business strategy may in fact be simply compliance with the bioflow day after day as he had done since childhood because he had never lost the connection into which each of us are born.

Nonvisionaries can thus proceed as if they are insightful visionaries.  By moving with the trendsetting bioflow engine one may exploit the trends to maximize within one’s savant domain.  This is another way that the ordinary may achieve the extraordinary.

With 20/20 hindsight, the signals did not fail Gates.  Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer, benefited from having a few years to see what features of other browsers were most valued.  Microsoft could then capitalize on the best of the browsers to leapfrog them to create a product ahead of them all.

In yet another seemingly brilliant business breakthrough, Gates was then able to prevail in the browser market by bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system, Internet Service Provider software, and new PCs from OEMs.

Thus, without the requirement for a user-initiated installation, Microsoft could lock consumers into its browser solution before users even had a chance to acquire and try another browser.  Gates had not only caught up to the Netscape browser lead but leapfrogged ahead as he did with the Xerox GUIs.

The Netscape browser ultimately died despite its rapid success after early market entry.  This was yet another business decision made by Bill Gates that locked in Microsoft revenues.  It was not the browser “technology” which made the money.  It was Gates’ savvy and creativity in inventing new business infrastructure in the frontiers of his savant domain.

Not everyone needs to have the creative mind of a Jobs or the venturing prowess of a Bezos to have creative breakthroughs.  Noncreatives and nonvisionaries may proceed in partnership with the bioflow as if they have both creativity and vision.  You are about to learn some of the ways in which the four iconic founders exploited the dynamic flow of information all around them as byproducts of this incredible biological guidance system.

As Bill Gates proves, despite his not having the technology visionary capabilities of a Steve Jobs, he was still able to sustain his position at the forefront of technology trends.  He moved Microsoft at top speed to greater success than Apple by not just assimilating existing technologies but using them as springboards to jump ahead.

More about leapfrogging and springboarding in Chapter 17 to capitalize on environmental scanning to increase your creativity and creations.  Technology vision is only a small part of Bill Gates’ savant domain for bettering the lives of people.  His vision and creativity in the invention of the business infrastructure portion of his savant domain are unsurpassed.

Bill’s partnership with nature’s bio-underpinnings was working perfectly.  Again, with 20/20 hindsight, Gates’ decision to focus on Windows in the mid-nineties over the internet was the right one for him and for Microsoft, even if the nay-sayers were correct and he seemingly did not have the vision to realize its value.

He analyzed the signposts inside and outside of himself correctly and took the right action as if he was a visionary.  Significant revenues from the internet did not really emerge until around 2004 as Gates, the supposed nonvisionary, had predicted 10 years earlier.  Therefore, little was lost by delaying attention to a browser and much was in fact gained by focusing on Windows.

So far, we have explored how savanting facilitates “brilliant breakthroughs from the nonbrilliant,” “creativity from noncreatives” and “vision from nonvisionaries.”  Now we want to investigate how savanting enables “exceptional execution from the execution-challenged.”

[i]     Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs, October 24, 2011, Simon & Schuster

[ii]     Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs, October 24, 2011, Simon & Schuster

Superstars Exploit their Savant Domain

Superstars stay in their genius lane

Excerpt from Savanting: Outperforming your Potential, Chapter 4  (2019) by Lauren Holmes


The six superachievers I have selected to demonstrate savanting have pursued what I consider biologically maximized careers – ones which honor their biological predispositions in compliance with the bioflow.  One’s biological wiring, one’s strongest most rewarding talents, and one’s savant domain are more obvious during the simplicity of childhood.  Therefore, it would be enlightening to examine what preceded their illustrious careers. 

In my view, these six successful models never left the internal-external maximizing machinery into which we are all born.  They remained integrated into the bioflow for most of their careers.  Accordingly, their capabilities were always extended by the external bio-infrastructure and informational databases. 

They live(d) maximized lives of continuous savantflows within their savant domain.  Not only were they operating from peak performance, but they were in a high-growth state which continually pushed the envelope on their baseline functionality and the advance of their savant domain.  As a result of being guided by the bioflow – the evolutionary flow of all living systems – they each pioneered new frontiers for humanity.   

The new savant-inspired mode of operation will be examined in the lives of the four iconic founders of Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, respectively.  Excerpts from the lives of these and other superachievers will model how the internal-external partnership may be exploited to generate the worldchanging achievements they each attained. 

“Control” of nature versus “compliance”  

I have also selected the lives of two additional icons from very different savant domains as models.  I specifically chose Oprah and Jim Carrey because they have self-identified as celebrity proponents of the law-of-attraction movement.  I think you’ll find that explaining their success is much easier through savanting than the law of attraction (LOA).  Their success will certainly be more replicable with savanting.

I also chose Oprah and Carrey because there are publicized events in their lives which are instructional with respect to pursuing the savanting way of life.  This is my purpose for having six models.  In addition, I think you’ll come to see that all their favorite success stories used to promote LOA result from honoring their biological wiring as savanting promotes. 

In one critical way, the law of attraction is the exact opposite of savanting which is itself instructional.  Savanting outlines a means to comply with internal and external biological processes in order to achieve goals associated with self-actualization and biology-driven purpose.

The law of attraction has the expectation of controlling natural forces.  It is about redirecting natural forces to materialize what one wants through “like” attracting “like.”  I assume this means that theoretically everyone in the world can simultaneously change the direction of powerful integrated and co-dependent universal forces to attract money.  A bit of a challenge to reasoned thinking.

Savanting is about biological maximization.  Both Carrey and Oprah were true to their biological predisposition in advancing their savant domains.  Their success was achieved through sustained self-actualization.  Have a look at their lives in the coming chapters and decide for yourself whether they controlled or complied with natural forces. 

For now, let’s examine snapshots of the childhoods of all six superachievers for the beginnings of the savant domains in which they achieved such sensational success.  I think the parallels of their biologically maximized careers will inspire your career. 



JIM CARREY  –  comedian, entertainer, actor, impressionist, screenwriter, film producer, uplifter

Jim Carrey was an entertainer from birth.  He was addicted to uplifting people’s spirits.  As a young boy, Jim slept with his tap shoes on in case his parents needed cheering up during the night.  Unfortunately, his father had become unemployed and their financial situation had become dire.  Carrey applied to be on the Carol Burnett Show at age ten and gave his first standup comedy performance at a comedy club at age sixteen.  The savant domain in which he ultimately became successful began in his childhood.


OPRAH  –  media mogul, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist, uplifter

When Oprah was just three and a half, she was passionate about preaching to help people.  She loved to recite the uplifting sermons of renowned preachers in the churches around her home.  She knew even then that she aspired to inspire, encourage, and uplift. 

Her talent as an orator and storyteller and her gift for drawing out people’s stories to benefit others were all in evidence by the age of five.  She took drama in high school.  During her senior year, WVOL, an African-American radio station in Nashville, Tennessee hired Oprah to read the news.  Her broadcasting career was launched. 

She then won a public speaking contest which gave her a scholarship to Tennessee State University.  She majored in speech communications and performing arts.  As with our other four founders, Oprah too left university in her teens to do the work she was passionate about.  She accepted a job as a co-anchor at a CBS television station. 

In 1978, while she was in her early twenties, Oprah was offered her first talk show to co-host, a morning show called “People are Talking.”  After her first show, Oprah knew that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  The savant domain of her ultimate success began in her childhood.


STEVE JOBS  –  co-founder of Apple, information technology entrepreneur, consumer engineer and artist, inventor, microcomputer industry pioneer, Pixar computer-animation pioneer

Steve Jobs was committed to consumer engineering for electronics from his early teens.  That is the only audience that has ever connected to his heart.  Jobs’ mechanical prowess and passion began at an early age.  By age ten, Steve’s attraction to electronics had become obvious to his parents.  As a result, he spent long hours with his father dismantling and rebuilding electronic devices in the family garage. 

When he was twelve years old, he called William Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, to ask him for some parts to complete a school project.  Impressed, Hewlett offered Jobs an internship at his company.  Jobs thus launched into his savant domain before he was even a teenager.  

Hewlett-Packard became a model for how he would run Apple at such a young age.  Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak met in high school when Jobs was just thirteen.  Woz was the first person Jobs had met who knew more about electronics than he did.  Their days quickly became about the type of work that eventually created Apple and made Jobs a leader in his savant domain.

Steve’s entrepreneurial skills showed up early in his life with several commercializations with Woz while a teenager.  His love for minimalist design used for all Apple products also started in his teens and is rooted in the modernist architecture of his childhood home and his study of the principles of simplicity in Japanese Zen Buddhism.  He took art classes in his teens to develop his interest.


BILL GATES  –  co-founder of Microsoft, information technology entrepreneur, mega-philanthropy pioneer, software pioneer, microcomputer industry pioneer, worldbuilder

By the time Bill Gates was thirteen, his key talents had intersected into a savant domain focused on improving the quality of life of individuals en masse.  Bill’s brilliance in the tools of his mission – programming and business – were winning him acclaim and money throughout his teens. 

In fact, he knew as a pre-teen that he would be an entrepreneur running his own company.  However, his entrepreneurialism embraced the true meaning of the word with respect to pioneering new frontiers not simply business ownership. 

Gates had a passion and aptitude for penetrating the unknown and building the structure to underpin it.  The words of Ralph Waldo Emerson come to mind.  “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

These three talents – business, programming and entrepreneurialism – were only tools of Bill’s worldbuilding domain.  So many have missed the essence of the man and what drives him because they assumed (a) that the accouterments of success he accumulated from his achievements were his goal or (b) that the fields or industries in which he played identified his savant domain.  Had Microsoft never existed, Bill Gates’ career would have looked exactly the same in some other frontier. 

He was ready to launch his first company by age fifteen but was overruled by his parents wanting him to attend university.  By the time he was twenty his passions had found vent in Microsoft which launched two new fields – microcomputers and software – in the service of personal computing. 

Microsoft let him begin his widespread service to enhancing the lives of consumers en masse until it was easier to do this more directly through philanthropy, or more precisely, mega-philanthropy.  This had been a key focus of his family from his birth. 


JEFF BEZOS  –  founder of, business leader, entrepreneur, e-commerce pioneer, aerospace pioneer, worldbuilder

Jeff Bezos is considered to be the inventor and developer of e-commerce through  Amazon has transformed the way we read, shop and watch TV, and through its cloud services division runs an astonishingly large portion of the internet. 

Bezos is a self-proclaimed “change junkie” continuously scaling new frontiers of learning, experimentation, and creation.  At age eighteen, Jeff’s valedictorian speech at his high school revealed his vision of the retail and residential expansion of humanity into space.  This colonization vision undoubtedly drove the planetary expansion of Amazon. 

In addition, Jeff has now founded a consumer spaceflight company, Blue Origin, to develop the necessary technology for establishing an enduring human presence in space.  Commercial suborbital human spaceflight experimentation began in 2018.  The planet-wide expansion of Amazon into new unknown territories was preparation for the new frontiers he hopes to scale for the colonization of space. 

The savant domain that spawned both Amazon and Blue Origin first appeared as Jeff’s obsession with science fiction books emphasizing worldbuilding.  Even as a child his mind was captivated by their ambitious, mogul-driven projects with a self-contained set of planets, space colonies, and social relations (human, post-human, or other-than-human) run by radically different principles from the ones we know. 

Following an announcement ceremony for Blue Origin at Cape Canaveral, Bezos talked with the media about his childhood obsession with the space program and science fiction books, and how that passion has motivated his business pursuits and shaped his ultimate goal to eventually put “millions of people” into space. 

While an undergraduate at Princeton, Bezos served as the President of Princeton’s Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.  His goal has always been to continuously make history.  One can trace Bezos’ savant domain from childhood to the present and even project it into the future.  Even if Amazon disappeared from the world tomorrow, we can know where his life will go.  He will be true to his biological wiring. 


MARK ZUCKERBERG  –  co-founder of Facebook, internet entrepreneur, social networking pioneer, philanthropist, worldbonder

According to his tutor in grade school, Mark Zuckerberg was a programming prodigy.  Many assume this is his savant domain.  However, Mark was smart at everything and programming was just one more field.  Would it surprise you to learn that at age twelve, Zuckerberg began connecting his own family – his first social grouping? 

“Zucknet” interconnected the computers of his family and their businesses so they could more easily communicate, support, and bond with each other.  His passion for relationship-building began in his childhood and has never stopped. 

Should Facebook disappear tomorrow, Mark would continue to promote the quality of life and success of individuals en masse through bonding people.  Technology was only a convenient tool of his savant domain but not that domain.

It is his passion for relationship-building that prompted a computer science geek at Harvard to also take psychology.  Mark’s raison d’être is to elevate the quality of life of people around the world by improving their connections and relationships.  He is driven to unify, better, and bond humanity. 

Shaping evolution

Each of these six superachievers had a biological predisposition to the personal savant domain for which they later became celebrated.  That field of genius was often evident before they were five years old but certainly by the time they entered their teens. 

Imagine decades of peak-performance and peak-growth savantflows within their savant domains starting this young.  Imagine the success of your career if you never left your savant domain from birth to death.  It is easy to see why competitors could never keep pace with these icons. 

Notice that, for the four technology founders, the fields in which they became renowned really didn’t exist to any extent until they created or developed them.  Notice as well that each of their savant domains was beneficial to humanity.  This is what you would expect if people are partnered with the evolutionary forces of the bioflow continuously mutating, adapting and advancing the human species for survival. 

Nature will provide support based not only on the maximizing of your system but also the maximizing of humanity’s system.  The bioflow will guide you to maximizing both simultaneously – to the perfect intersection of two hierarchical systems maximizing.  This is the formula for your greatest support from the bioflow to achieve your goals. 

This is what you will learn from the six iconic savant-domain career models examined in this book.  They each excelled in a savant domain that was facilitating the ideal direction of human evolution.  This is the ideal strategy for yourself or any company you might run. 

Your Biology-Driven Purpose


Excerpt from Savanting: Outperforming your Potential Chapter 24 by Lauren Holmes

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny – he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed.  You are not here accidentally – you are here meaningfully.  There is a purpose behind you.  The whole intends to do something through you.               Osho

So many have an emptiness that causes them to yearn for more meaning, purpose, and mission in their lives.  They feel purpose is the key to a plethora of desirable psychological, physical, material, and emotional rewards that they crave from their core. 

In fact, this need is so widespread that one could assume that it is genetic.  And it would be understandable why evolution might select for such a yearning to pull us to protect, adapt, and advance the species.

The methods currently popular for discovering one’s purpose are rather haphazard – yielding imperfect, incorrect, temporary, burdensome, or unsustainable directions.  Savanting more precisely satisfies this craving for the desired emotional state of having purpose.  Instead of having to rely on human intelligence to determine one’s purpose, savanting conscripts nature’s intelligence.  Our purpose and even the need for a purpose are biology-driven. 


Biology is used in savanting not only to identify your purpose but also to drive it, evolve it, and adapt it throughout your life as you grow and as your context progresses.  The bioflow tells you when you are on purpose and maximized within your savant domain by responding with support. 

Biological mechanisms which have evolved over generations as part of our biological imperative determine what we now label “our purpose.”  It need not be the confusing intellectual exercise that so many seekers endure to find meaning in their lives. 

In addition, most popular methods for defining one’s purpose yield a goal-driven approach – a mission that you must achieve even if you dislike what you have to do to get there.  Savanting instead provides a state-driven approach.  It addresses the real goal – sustainably generating the fulfilling state of being that you are craving.  This is the underlying driver of the careers of our six superachievers.

This state is achieved and sustained by doing the most meaningful, intrinsically rewarding activities at your biological maximum with continuity.  Each of these activities build on each other throughout your lifetime until your legacy becomes significant worldchanging work.  You live your purpose rather than know where it will lead.  You have the “emotion of purpose” every day in savantflow as you scale frontier after frontier within your savant domain. 

Savanting provides the means to sustain a state of peak-purpose, peak-meaning, peak-growth, peak-performance, peak-achievement, and peak-creation in the territory of your greatest talents and passion.  It is the guidance system so many of us seek to keep us on-path throughout our lives. 

Your ideal “purpose” then would be the same as your savant formula.  It would have you operating at your biological maximum so that you can apply your strongest most rewarding talents to the most meaningful, intrinsically rewarding activities for an audience that will value this, your greatest work.  Add to this formula the support of the bioflow to help you outperform your innate potential and you have the only logical foundation upon which to build your life’s work. 

Now that you know about the bioflow, do you really want to risk committing to a life purpose which requires you to fight continuously upstream against its direction?  The advantage of savanting for identifying and implementing your purpose is that your pathway, at any point in your life, will be clear. 

There will be clear signals inside and outside of you when you are moving in the right direction.  The ideal path for your maximization can be determined at any point based on the empirical evidence of bioflow support in your past which will predict future bioflow support and hence your ideal direction.  You are guided. 

Even nonvisionaries can operate as if they have a vision of the future because they are guided by the evolutionary flow of humanity.  Even the execution-challenged may operate with the genius of execution creatives such as the four founders of Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.  Even noncreatives may generate the new and unprecedented. 

You are supported.  You have relevant information at the right time from the bioflow for a re-combining process which will produce new information systems to advance your savant domain.  You will enjoy coincidence after coincidence catapulting you ahead to a goal which may be better than the one you pursued when you started. 

How helpful is it to have a guidance system which is up to date with all the new inventions, innovations, and events in your savant domain despite you not knowing about any of them?  You will have a better chance of achieving your purpose when you go with the flow.  One’s savant formula provides a new more reliable way for determining one’s purpose and living it. 


To launch your biology-driven purpose, you need only to begin doing activities or pursuing learning that you are passionate about which will put you into a savantflow.  How do you know which activities are likely to invoke savantflows?  There are two ways to predict these.  

First, activities which provoked savantflows in your past will likely generate savantflows in your future.  Savantflows will have the telltale signs of support from the bioflow.  The savantflows will conform to a pattern or theme over time.  Your life purpose and your savant domain will emerge from that order. 

Savantflows are high-growth states.  Your purpose is going to evolve with serial savantflows as you do.  The “emotional feel of being on purpose” will provide you with better direction indicators than trying to apply labels to define and pursue your purpose. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to look back with 20:20 hindsight and see how your biological wiring in partnership with the bioflow has perfectly advanced you along a logical pathway that defines an identifiable purpose.  Then you can project that purpose into the future to accelerate your progression. 

The second way in which you can predictably determine which activities are likely to generate the savantflows defining your purpose is through other themes of activities supported by the bioflow in your past.  You can identify the direction of your purpose from any of several interchangeable themes or patterns of events in your past because they are all leading you to the same place.  Biological maximization.

Your unpaid work theme, your knowledge-pursuit theme, your creativity-pursuit theme, your frontier-pursuit theme, or the theme of activities that triggered relevant spontaneous knowledge, clusters of coincidences, or spontaneous creativity.  Each one of these themes will identify your biology-driven purpose. 

Just begin.  Find safe places, projects, or activities to begin the process.  The block and flow events in your reality will tell you whether you are going in the direction supported by the bioflow for your purpose.  You’ll have all the distinct telltale signs to confirm that you’re moving along your purpose path.  You’ll be attracting people, events, and information into your life routinely which will feed and facilitate the advance of your purpose. 

An intrinsically rewarding purpose

I want to reiterate a concept in the context of this discussion of biology-driven purpose.  The activities that are part of your purpose will be intrinsically rewarding.  This is not about doing activities you are excited about to achieve a particular goal.  “Intrinsically rewarding” or “biologically rewarding” mean that the activity itself is the goal. 

Think of our six superachievers.  Their childhood play became their adult paid play in the savant domain in which they became famous.  Their careers were biologically not intellectually driven.  So many seekers never find their purpose because this singular requirement was never met.  Instead of concentrating their time on intrinsically rewarding activities and letting a purpose-related context unfold, they instead sought a goal and took action – often unpleasant action – to achieve that goal. 

Your lifework may lie in a field which does not yet exist.  Or there may be a channel from which to launch it which never occurred to you.  There may be coincidences which can save you hundreds of steps to accelerate your start.  There may be a few models for how to proceed which, when you combine them together will lead to a worldchanging, paradigm-shifting breakthrough. 

Begin with what you know to try to trigger engaging addictive, emotionally rewarding savantflows.  What feels good; what you are passionate about; what is meaningful; what is fun; and so on.  When you discover your purpose, it will rely on work that is its own reward.  You cannot enter savantflow without this. 

Accordingly, it is also important not to choose work that you think will get you to the intrinsically rewarding work or place that you want to be.  This is contrary to the biological functioning and benefits of savanting.  You’ll have none of the magic working for you.

Leaders Frontier

Frontiering  is  the  new  Leadership

The person who can ‘frontier’
will always lead

Excerpt from BioMaxed, Chapter 39, (2019) by Lauren Holmes

Most people are fearful of venturing into the unknown.  Yet a world of accelerating change is now the norm.  We are increasingly bombarded with unknowns.  We look to our leaders to buffer us from their assault.  We expect our leaders to get us through safely, quickly, efficiently, and painlessly.

The person with the expertise for penetrating the unknown will always be the leader.  This will be true whether or not that person has all of the wonderful capabilities promoted by today’s leadership pundits.  And it will be increasingly true as the unknowns continue to multiply.


Penetrate the unknown and Create the unknown

Frontiering™ is a term I coined to label finesse in scaling new frontiers.  It encompasses expertise for quickly, safely, and expertly
(a) penetrating new or unknown territory or
(b) creatively bringing the new or unknown into existence.
Frontiering™ is the drive to fearlessly forge futures in the face of the unknown and the unknowable.  Frontiering™ expertise equips us to transcend and triumph over unknowns of every specification.

Frontiering is the new leadership

Frontiering™ will become the new leadership.  In fact, I would like to suggest that there will be no leadership without frontiering?  As change continues to accelerate to become the status quo, frontiering™ will quickly exceed leadership as the most prized skill.  The demand for all of us to take risks, to venturesome, to adapt in the face of novel challenges, and to become opportunistic and innovative will rise.  The ability to thrive in and exploit unknown frontiers will become the most sought-after skillset of this millennium:

 Frontiering acumen will determine competitive advantage. Frontiering will determine the next generation of winners and losers, individually and corporately.

A 2014 redefinition of leadership

Over the decades of the evolution of the concept of leadership, there have been a plethora of definitions for “leader” and “manager.”  These past stages of evolution dilute and color today’s understandings.  Clarity for the target expertise has dissipated.  Frontiering expertise provides an easy differentiator.

Managers manage what exists.  Leaders bring the new into existence.  Managers run existing organizations and territories.  Leaders penetrate new territories. Leaders advance, transform, and create new human systems.  Leaders lead people into new territories or bring new systems into existence.

If you are simply repeating what was done before, leadership is not required. If there is no change in reality, leadership has not occurred. The magnitude of change in reality is the measure of leadership strength. Therefore, the degree of frontiering is the measure of leadership impact.

The new development continuum

As the below figure indicates, the growth in frontiering expertise defines the development continuum from manager to leader. A leadership development continuum emerges based on the degree of frontiering applied. The frontiering-based leadership development continuum will progress from

1       a manager running an existing organization, to

2    a transitional change leader adding linear advancement to the organization, to

3      a transformational change leader adding nonlinear change to an organization, to

4       those leaders who have mastered the unknown, either a creational leader or a frontiering leader or both. Respectively, these individuals either (a) bring the new and unknown into existence or (b) penetrate new or unknown territory.

This leadership-skill development continuum is identical to the process for growing individuals into frontiering experts.  The definition for leader and frontiering expert is therefore the same. There is no need for leadership if you are standing still.

Secondly, the above continuum also demonstrates another dimension to the progression from manager to leader.  Creativity.  Systems maintenance for which no change is made, gives way to increasing systems advancement in which linear then nonlinear changes are made.  And finally, one progresses to systems creation – usually by re-combining existing systems to create new systems.

Thirdly, as managers advance along the leadership development continuum, their ability to impact and advance reality increases.  The ability to change reality is dependent upon the ability to change beliefs.  The greater the change in reality required, the greater the commensurate change in follower beliefs that the leader must instill.

Mark the birth of the new definition

I propose we draw a line in the sand to release all past definitions of leader and manager in favor of this 2014 clarity and necessity.  The person penetrating the unknown with passion, expertise and, yes, especially addiction, will always be the leader.

Reactivate innate frontiering

The exciting news is that, as a successful species, human beings are born with frontiering drives and skills.  In childhood, we are all in a perpetual state of frontiering to learn everything that we must in order to survive and integrate successfully into a complex and ever-advancing world.  Most children experience surprising success in facing, negotiating, mitigating, and surmounting a deluge of unknowns in their first five years of life.

Unfortunately, our cultures and institutions curtail the development of our innate frontiering drives and expertise by pressuring us into more linear and logical modes of operation.  Most children begin to find it unsafe to frontier once they enter the school system around the age of five.  Our cultures make unsafe the trial-and-error required to succeed in new territory, for example.  Failure means you are a failure, not the frontiering expert who will bring new knowledge, experience, and expertise to the next trial and the next and the next.

Secondly, the pressure to use linear procedures that seldom work in novel situations is another example of cultural interference.  The widespread pressure to adhere to linear business plans and project plans are illustrations.  Thirdly, sensationalizing media punish rather than support frontiering™ missions which fail.  Consequently, millions of dollars must be wasted on making experiments and forays into the unknown guaranteed to be successful before they are begun.

If it were not for the fear of public censure, quick, inexpensive experiments which might fail could accelerate progress.  Members of the scientific community are allowed often hundreds of opportunities to fail as they scale new frontiers.  The CEO of a publicly-held company may discover that one failure is often his or her last.

As a successful species, mechanisms have evolved which favor and promote frontiering. These include addictive drives pulling us into new territory and creation – the essence of agile adaptivity.  The more you comply with these drives, the more you want to comply in the future.

Consequently, we need only increase our daily frontiering activity to launch a frontiering way of life. There are biological mechanisms to perpetuate and increase one’s addiction to frontiering.  Voilà!  Both the leadership and innovation shortages are solved in an entirely unprecedented way.

  • Could the human race not decide to revise our cultures to free frontiering in everyone?
  • What could we accomplish if everyone reactivated the innate frontiering expertise we demonstrated in childhood?

Perhaps this cultural conversion will begin with the pressures of corporate competition.  Those companies which choose to make frontiering™ safe for their employees will undoubtedly prevail in the future. Career success will continue to favor those who scale new frontiers.  If we examine the most successful careers, it is apparent that frontiering already exceeds leadership as the most sought-after aptitude, expertise, and skillset.  Yet they are one and the same:

“Leadership for this millennium is defined by frontiering.
Leadership is now, by definition, frontiering.”  Lauren Holmes

First 3 Chapters of the Encore Thriller

Chapters 1-3 of The Encore: A Transformational Thriller

1     THE TRIP

I don’t remember dying thought Connor Kane as he hurtled through an ethereal tunnel.  Towards what, he wondered.  God?  Heaven?  The promised light that was to bathe me in feelings of overwhelming peace and love?  Unfortunately, I feel only nausea, vertigo, and an overwhelming fear of the unknown.  Did these foretell a less desirable destination?

The ragged walls of the tunnel whizzed past him at dizzying speeds.  But worse, Connor was ricocheting off the walls upside down, sideways, right side up, then upside down again as if there was no grounding gravity.  His aching body felt as if he was being pummeled by a prize fighter.

But wait.  He suddenly realized he wasn’t colliding with the walls of the tunnel.  Rather he was hitting a spongy clear membrane of some sort surrounding him.  I’m inside a transparent bubble he concluded as he bounced off the right wall then face-planted into the opposite wall.

He had read about near-death experiences.  NDEs.  People who had been pronounced clinically dead but been revived.  There were no bubbles in their accounts.  What did this mean?  Their accounts talked about going to the light.  There was no bright light ahead of him.  Only darkness.  Could he not be going to the light?  Why was his experience abnormal?

How’d I get here?  He searched his memory as he negotiated the collisions.  He was still in his tuxedo.  He remembered being at the gala celebrating his decade of accomplishments.  Then what?  Think.  He remembered he and Lenore leaving in the limo.  Then blackness.

Lenore.  Where is she?  Panic gripped his body.  Is she alright?  If I’m dead, she’ll be devastated.  His heart was besieged with pain at the very thought of her pain.  They’d not been apart since their childhood years in the orphanage in Denmark.  His heart broke in empathy with the anguish she must be feeling.  A second later it hit him that he’d no longer be with her.  His own anguish echoed hers.

Suddenly, the bubble came to a complete stop.  His stomach flip-flopped as it does on the downhill drop of a giant roller coaster.  The rushing walls of the tunnel were finally still.  Silence.  Darkness.  What is happening?  Again, where was the bright light, the beings of light, the welcome of deceased family and friends?  Where was his unconditional love and acceptance?

Suddenly, the blue glow of another tunnel materialized out of the pitch black to his right.  His bubble immediately made a right turn and raced through the adjoining tunnel.  He was again bouncing off the membrane in every direction.  He was dizzy again as he was flung from wall to wall upside down.

How can this be?  What’s going on?  Still no bright light up ahead as he was thrust around the endless winding curves characteristic of this second tunnel.  Great.  Something to make his nausea worse.

Epiphany.  I might be able to turn myself right-side up as I bounce off the walls.  He dove towards his feet with his upper body then thrust his feet down underneath him.  It worked.  He was upright.  Well this is better he thought.

Wait a minute.  Another epiphany.  If I’m not near the walls, I won’t be battered about like a badminton bird.  He softly pushed off the wall with the form of a professional swimmer.  He headed for the center of the bubble.  Stillness.  The cacophony silenced.  Phew!  The calm in the center of the storm.  Well this is better he repeated with self-congratulatory pride.

Now I have a chance to think.  What has happened?  What is happening?  He struggled to remember as he guardedly surveilled the speeding tunnel terrain swishing past his purview.  Connor would’ve liked to have had the out-of-body experience so many NDEs experienced.  Floating above, he could’ve observed his death and the people around his body discussing what had happened.  He might then have more answers as to how and perhaps why his life was cut short.

Suddenly Connor’s life review launched.  He was “seeing his life flash before his eyes” just as most NDEs report happens after death.  Finally.  Something expected.  Maybe he would receive knowledge about his true essence and the nature of the universe.  Throughout his life he had continuously craved such knowledge.

A moment later, Connor realized that this life review had actually started before he died.  At the gala celebrating his achievements hours ago.  For the best decade of his life, Connor Kane had the honor of serving as the very first Commander-in-Chief for Global Human Resource Maximization.  It was his job to mobilize the world’s human resources into the service of mankind in a time of extreme crisis for humanity.

This position had been created because so many natural and man-made disasters had threatened the survival of the species and the planet.  Everyone’s greatest talents had to be conscripted to save both.  The problems could not be solved by money or power.

Consequently, the existing power holders were willing to relinquish the stage to those with the talent and creativity to solve those challenges.  They were motivated by self-interest.  They wanted to survive.

According to the praise and awards he’d received, Connor had apparently excelled at this mission.  Unfortunately, all government positions were now limited to 10 years in order to give others an opportunity to contribute their talents and creativity.

A paradox.  In producing a talent-celebrating world, Connor had spawned the termination of what he considered his greatest opportunity to use his own talents to the fullest.  He would dearly have loved to continue as Commander-in-Chief for the rest of his life.  He was too young to retire.

Releasing the world’s human resources to their full potential in the service of mankind was meaningful work, of course.  However, more than this, there was no greater thrill for Connor than enabling people to do their most gratifying work, make their most significant and meaningful contributions, and receive their greatest intrinsic and material rewards.  This is what filled his heart.

Accordingly, he and Lenore had spent their entire careers developing the best techniques for individuals to operate at their maximum to achieve their greatest legacy and rewards.  That maximum included increasing the breakthroughs and creative inspirations that could bypass hundreds of steps to achieve goals faster.  And better he thought in remembering so many unexpected solutions.  They had figured out how to create world changers.  World builders.

The mission for the global maximization of the world’s talents had allowed them to apply those techniques to catalyze transformation on a massive scale.  To transform individuals en masse.  This was his lifework on the grandest of scales.

Yet, neither he nor Lenore had foreseen the peripheral world benefits that would result when talent and the ability to create the unprecedented became supreme.  There was no longer tolerance for the prejudice that interfered with the performance of the world’s talent assets.

Every glass ceiling was smashed for the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary in the service of mankind.  Blocking those who had something to contribute because of their sex, race, religion, birth, financial wherewithal, education, language, culture and whatever was now verboten.  Sanctions could be severe.  This dramatically changed how the world operated.  There was a dedication to constructing a climate favorable to creative breakthroughs to solve the plethora of world crises.

The economy and power structure changed as well.  As talent was cherished, those with it were paid massive amounts of money.  With the money came power – power to change how the world was run.  Life-threatening wars over geography disappeared.  So many of humanity’s failings were erased.  All-in-all, Connor was pleased with his impact and legacy.  His life review was good.

Connor was startled out of his reverie by a second abrupt stop of his bubble’s whirlwind rush along the tunnel.  A second roller coaster stomach flip-flop from the dramatic deceleration.  All was dark and still again.  Had he arrived?  Was this twilight where he was to spend an eternity?

He recalled the previous stop.  This likely means the transfer to another tunnel – one which had not yet appeared just like the last time.  No NDEs had reported such occurrences.  There was a breach in logic here.

He began to question his assumption that he was dead.  If this was not death, what could it be?  Before he could delve into that answer, the dull blue glow of another tunnel appeared on his right.  Seconds later, Connor’s bubble was again shooting through this adjoining tunnel as if it was a bobsled on a downhill icy track.

He was very much in descent.  As he careened with each turn, he could catch a glimpse of a brilliant crystalline circle of light off in the distance below him.  Finally, he would be embraced by the love and peace so many NDE’s described.  Or would he?

Connor had another eureka moment.  As a lover of all things cinematic, his mind was suddenly flooded with visions of wormholes in the Star Trek and Stargate television series and movies like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.  In fact, I think a theoretical physicist designed the wormhole scenes in Interstellar he recalled.  Kip Thorne?  Thorne ensured scientific fidelity.  Then it hit him.  Could he be travelling through a wormhole rather than crossing over?

What he’d been seeing could just as easily have been a wormhole.  Or could it be that death is just a wormhole trip into another dimension or space-time location?  He was a man addictively drawn to the exploration of such deep questions.  Today he’d no time for such digressions.  “Focus” he demanded through the fog of his still-dizzy brain.  What did he know about wormholes to help him deal with his current plight?

If he was in a wormhole, he was still alive.  He was going to live.  This was cause for celebration indeed.  This was the first good thought he’d had on this trip.  He might still be alive?

What did he know about wormholes?  A wormhole is a conduit through 4-dimensional space-time.  Wormholes are considered to bend space and time to allow two vastly separated regions of the universe to connect.  He remembered some video from his past in which two points were drawn on a piece of paper and then the paper was folded so that the two points touched.  The wormhole connected these two points.  Space commutes that might take thousands of years could be achieved in minutes or hours.

There must be a network of wormholes.  I wonder if some civilization made such a network or was it a natural phenomenon.  They would have to be pretty advanced to achieve such a construction he ruminated.  That would explain the pauses.  A wormhole into a different direction was required to speed my bubble to its destination.

Darn!  I might be light years away from Earth.  Wormholes allow interstellar, intergalactic, and sometimes even interuniversal travel within human lifetime scales. They have also served as a method for time travel.

Didn’t Stephen Hawking posit that wormholes might theoretically be utilized for travel through time as well as through space?  Well, that is disconcerting.  I might not only be a great distance from Lenore.  I might also be in another time.  They would be separated as the lovers on the TV show Outlander.  Did he accidentally pass through a special Stonehenge-type rock as Caitriona Balfe did in her role as Claire Randall?

What was that thrilling 90s-something movie with Jody Foster?  It was a Carl Sagan novel.  Contact.  Jody Foster’s Dr. Ellie Arroway travels 26 light years through a series of wormholes to the star Vega. The round trip, which to Ellie lasts 18 hours, passes by in a fraction of a second on Earth, making it appear she went nowhere.

Am I living science fiction or just dreaming it?  How long have I been traveling?  He had no idea.  Gosh, he could be thousands of miles from his home.  How was he going to get back?  His anxiety was interrupted by suddenly glimpsing the circular brilliant white light again only a few turns away.

To Connor’s surprise there was another bubble in front of his.  No.  There were two!  What did that mean?  He was not the only one kidnapped?  These were his kidnappers?  His fear of being battered about again kept him anchored to the center of his bubble.

However, he stretched cautiously off-center to try to see who else had come from Earth.  He could not make out who stepped out of the two bubbles.  The de-loading seemed to take place in some kind of station structure.  How did the bubbles know to come to this station he wondered?

For the first time, Connor noticed circuitry in the base wall of his bubble.  It had been in the dark during his trip.  Now there was illumination.  How ingeniously compact.  Since childhood he had always been delighted by creative breakthroughs of every kind.  The thrill of helping people to realize creative potential to make their greatest breakthroughs for humanity had always been what had driven his lifework.

His bubble suddenly decelerated for a third time.  His stomach did the usual roller-coaster flip-flop.  The rushing walls of the tunnel slowed to a snail’s pace.  The light of the station was getting brighter making it difficult to see through his unaccustomed eyes.  He could discern beings on the disembarkation platform but could not identify them as human.

Before he had time to contemplate his pending meeting, Connor found himself floating to the bottom of his bubble as it came to a complete stop.  He was now standing on very wobbly legs.  No more.  He reached to grab the side of the bubble to steady himself.  Unsuccessful, he crumpled to the floor in a heap.  He was surprised to discover he had no muscles.

The deceleration must’ve made his fall to the bottom of the bubble possible.  No.  It must be that he had arrived at a planet with gravitational pull.  He wondered where he could be.  He wondered whether he would be greeted by friend or foe.  He wondered what form they might take.  Would they be human?  Connor was once more overcome with fear and trepidation.


Connor was still blinded by the bright lights of the station after spending hours in darkness.  He couldn’t make out his surroundings or their inhabitants.  He put up his arm to shield his eyes to give them time to become accustomed.  The silence was welcome after hours of the rush of air from accelerated travel.

Before he could regain his senses, a narrow slit opened in the wall of the bubble.  Someone or something much larger than himself lifted him off the floor and carried him through this opening.  He was placed on a gurney like those used in ambulances.  A being in a white coat with the air of a doctor began checking his vitals.

As soon as the doctor was done, the bed was raised under his head so that Connor was sitting up.  He found himself staring at a dozen faces.  The most benevolent and wise of the beings spoke first.

“Welcome to Annutia, Commander-in-Chief Connor Kane, Global Human Resources Maximization.  I’m Minister Plenipotentiary Axl Dahl.  I have just been retired from my role as Supreme Commander for the same reasons you were retired.  Term.  It was I who wished for your presence here.  You may address me as Minister for the present.”

Minister Plenipotentiary.  Strange to have this familiar but remote title.  Connor hadn’t heard that title since grade school history.  In the 1783 Peace Treaty of Versailles which terminated the American Revolution, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay were named Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to the Netherlands, France and Spain, respectively.

Connor analyzed the Minister as he contemplated a response.  He was gracious, friendly, and immediately likeable as befits a diplomatic role.  However, Connor was not deceived.  The power of the Supreme Commander’s past authority and leadership was bristling just below the surface.  This was a strong achievement-driven man of great depth.

He seemed to sincerely value Connor and treated him almost familially.  This was interesting because Axl Dahl was so similar in appearance to Connor that he could’ve been a relative.  Both men had Nordic features.  Blue eyes.  Light skin and hair.  Angular features.  They were both tall with wiry athletic builds.  The Minister was perhaps 15 years older.

“May I know the purpose of my abduction, Minister?” Connor came directly to the point.

“We need your assistance, Commander.”

“I’ve retired from my post, Minister.  Please call me Connor.”  This is a planned familiarity in contrast to Axl’s formality.  “How may I help?”

Axl smiled at Connor’s bonding maneuver but did not reciprocate.  “You’re tired now, Connor.  Sleep.  We’ll talk when you awake.”

“Annalise!  A lithe black-skinned beauty with arresting azure eyes stepped into the spotlight surrounding Connor’s gurney.  “Could you please deliver Commander Kane to his residence and bring him to me when he’s refreshed?”

“Yes, Minister” said Annalise.

With a take-charge manner, she motioned to two guards to push Connor’s bed into the awaiting ambulance.  Annalise appeared aristocratic, intelligent, capable, and physically and emotionally powerful beneath a diplomatic demeanor.  Her large expressive eyes were electric.  Even otherworldly.  Yet they revealed a depth that made her worthy of a former Supreme Commander’s trust.  Consequently, Connor felt he could trust her as well.

It was unusual to see such a muscular physique on such a lean female frame.  She was tall.  Perhaps equal to his own 6 feet.  Maybe a few inches less.  Annalise made efficient use of the time as he was transported to the residence.

“Welcome, Commander Kane.  We’re delighted to have you with us.  I’m one of many who have admired the unprecedented revolution you inspired and implemented on planet Earth over the last 10 years.

“It will be my job to provide you with all of the resources that you’ll need to accomplish the same goals here in a much shorter timeframe.  I’m charged with educating you about our world.  I am also responsible for your safety and your interface with the members of the Annutia Planetary Steering Council.  I hope I’ll become a trusted advisor and confidant for your mission, Commander.

“My talents, training, education, and passions all favor such a role.  I too am committed to each person achieving their greatest lifetime legacy in the service of Annutia’s civilization.”  She talked on enthusiastically in this vein for some time about their common interests and goals.  Connor recognized that this was an attempt to distract him from his plight.  He knew in that moment that Annalise had a good heart.

Within about ten minutes they’d arrived at a luxury apartment on a very high floor.  Annalise opened the door.  “This will be your residence, Commander.  These guards will carry you in as your ability to walk will likely still be compromised.  One of them will always remain outside your door to ensure you are safe and in case you need anything.  This is Brik.  And this is Jon.  Gentlemen, if you will.”

She stepped into the lavish suite and held open the door.  Brik and Jon carried Connor to the master bedroom and placed him on the king-sized bed.  A lush royal blue robe had been laid out for him on the turned-down bed.  There were also silk pajamas in the same blue and a high-end black hoodie with matching sweatpants from which to choose.

“If you’ll change, Commander, we’ll see to the cleaning of your tuxedo and other garments and shoes, so they’re ready when you want them.  Additional clothes, shoes, and accessories have been placed in the closets and drawers for your use.

“Please let us know whatever else you need, Commander Kane.  Just press the intercom button and Service will answer.  Press 8 if you need to talk to me directly.  If there’s an emergency, key 911.  They’ll know who and where you are.  We created it just for you based on its familiar usage on Earth.

“Do you know what kind of food you’d like to eat right now, Commander?  What kind of food and drink you’d like in your fridge?  What you’d want to eat when you wake up?  I’ve taken the liberty of keeping warm our version of a hamburger and fries in the oven and a strawberry milkshake in the fridge.  Would they do for now?”

“Very much, thank you,” replied Connor.  I hadn’t realized how hungry I am.”

“Jon, if you wouldn’t mind.”  She motioned him to the kitchen.  “I have bacon, eggs, rolls, and fruit in the fridge for breakfast or you may order from room service over the intercom.  There are checklists for prepared foods and grocery items on the nightstand, so you can select what will keep you fueled for your mission.  There’s also a third checklist for any nonfood items you might need.  Just leave the lists on the kitchen counter.  Housekeeping will collect them daily.

“We’ve already provided a computer, printer, and other technology you may require.  The remote for this television is in your night stand.  I’ve stocked the bookshelves with books about Annutia and Annutians, so please feel free to browse to learn more about the people you’re here to help.  There is gym equipment in a room off the living room in case you need to work out.

“Press 8 when you’re ready for me to return to escort you to meet with the Minister Plenipotentiary.  Is there anything else you require, Commander?”

“When will I be going home, Annalise?”  When she did not respond, Connor asked, “Can I contact my wife to let her know that I’m alright?  We’ve never been separated.  She must be terrified.”  Again, Annalise seemed to have difficulty finding the words to respond.

“Do I have any choice in whether I take on this mission?”

“Hm,” responded Annalise with immediate understanding and empathy.  “Perhaps these are questions best put to the Minister.  Unfortunately, there are matters for which I haven’t been authorized to speak, Commander.  I’ll be as open as I can throughout our partnership.

“However, if I can’t provide you with the information you request, I’ll refrain from saying anything rather than lie to you.  I want you to feel you can trust what I do say.  Good night, sir,” she said as she moved swiftly towards the door of the bedroom.  She obviously wanted no part in contributing to his pain.

“Good night, Annalise.  Thank you,” he called after her to let her know he understood and did not hold her responsible.

Connor dove into his food wholeheartedly, appreciative of the Annutians’ attempt to provide him with a favorite American meal.  I wonder if they have a MacDonald’s here yet?  He smiled as he envisaged himself negotiating that lucrative trade deal if they didn’t.  And Jeff Bezos would certainly want to launch Amazon here – likely in person given his love of space travel and science fiction.  And that is exactly what this was thought Connor.  Science fiction.



Connor pressed 8 on his intercom to summon Annalise for his rendezvous with Minister Plenipotentiary Axl Dahl.  He was rested, showered, dressed, and nourished.  He was ready to negotiate with the Minister for a few things, especially the terms of his return home.  Annalise arrived to collect him.  She nodded towards the elevator when she caught Brik’s eye as they passed him seated at the guard table outside of Connor’s door.  He followed behind.

As the trio descended in the elevator of the residential tower, Annalise explained that six planetary government towers were connected at ground level and one floor below via shopping and restaurant concourses.  When they reached the ground level, Connor was impressed with the massiveness of the complex and the elegance of the stores and restaurants.

In places, ceilings were several floors high to create an impressive spaciousness.  Several floors of people-filled glassed-in offices overlooked the concourse.  The complex was stone, glass, and steel in an uplifting blue and white theme.  It looked like a mixture of blue marble, blue granite, white marble and white granite with the granite being used for the floors.

Rather than a cold impersonal isolating structure, this hub was alive with people of purpose from many races.  We have no such planetary capital on Earth he thought.  But if we did, I imagine it would look like this.

The trio walked over to the elevator for Tower West and sped up to floor 68 at the top of the tower.  The elevators had glass walls as well.  Even though he didn’t think he had a fear of heights, Connor found it unnerving to be exposed to the view from such a height.  He’d had a visceral reaction to the speed of the elevator rise.  He suspected that he was still sensitive from the trauma of his recent wormhole voyage.

As he and Annalise entered the Minister’s spacious office foyer, it was obvious that there was some pressing crisis afoot.  Axl’s Aides were white with fear as they stood around the Minister’s desk in his inner office.  They were intent on expressing their concerns, demanding solutions, and asking questions as he listened paternally.  He eventually stopped them by suddenly standing up to begin issuing orders to each.  The Aides quickly dispersed, somewhat relieved to have assignments to address their issues.

“Would you like to reschedule your meeting with Commander Kane, Minister?”  asked a respectful Annalise.

“No.  No.  Good morning, Annalise, Commander,” he said with a nod to each.  “Commander, please come in,” he welcomed.  “Make yourself comfortable,” he said as he waved Connor to a large grouping of rounded deep tufted leather couches and stately wing-back chairs.  “Coffee, expresso, latte, macchiato, iced latte, juice,” Axl offered from an elaborate built-in bar laden with refreshments and associated machines and carafes.  He opened a full-sized fridge hidden behind the wall of wood paneling to reveal a large assortment of cold beverages and snacks.

“A Latte, please.”

“Allow me, Minister.”

“Thank you, Annalise.”

The Minister took a large chair across from Connor and scrutinized him for a moment.  Connor, for his part was engrossed with the massiveness of the office.  He’d been in the offices of many national leaders across Earth.  Yet he’d never been in one so large or lavish.

One end of the office was completely windows.  The view was spectacular from the 68th floor.  The windows extended inwards along the ceiling for about five feet making it appear from his seat that the office was suspended in the sky.  It functioned much like an upside-down infinity pool with no boundary to the sky.  This was architecturally foreign to anything Connor had encountered on Earth.

As Annalise presented the latte to Connor, she went to sit down adjacent to him.  “Thank you, Annalise.  I need to speak to the Commander alone.  Please let Birgitte know where we might contact you when Commander Kane is ready to return to his residence.”

“Of course, Minister,” she said good-naturedly as she glided gracefully across the office towards the door.  If she was disappointed at being excluded, her face did not divulge it.  He admired Annalise as a natural diplomat.  She had such a pleasant uplifting energy.  Conner’s mind immediately switched back to business.  He took charge of the meeting.

“I’ll need to speak to my wife before we continue.  I need to tell her that I’m alright and how long it’ll be before I come home.”

The Minister darted a glance at the departing Annalise.

“Annalise, please arrange a call for Connor so he may calm his wife.”

For a second, a quizzical look passed across her face before she composed herself.

Connor worried what that was about.  Given Annalise’s normal state of composure her momentary lapse was even more significant.

“Will two hours from now be enough time, Minister?”

“Very good, Annalise.”

She closed the door.

The Minister adroitly snatched the agenda back from Connor.  He was obviously a man accustomed to running things.

“Connor, our circumstances are dire.”

Connor noted that now that they were behind closed doors without an audience, Axl had dropped the decorum and deference of addressing him by his title.  The Minister had accepted his previous invitation for a less formal relationship.

“If creative solutions are not found, an alien transmutation of this planet will make it uninhabitable by human beings.  We have perhaps only six months to live.  What I will tell you now is known only by those who have signed confidentiality agreements.  You’ll be addressing twelve of these tomorrow morning at a meeting of the Annutia Planetary Steering Council.

“I will respect your wishes for confidentiality, Axl,” assured Connor.  Am I going to like this cultural transformation project for which you’ve volunteered me?” he asked facetiously with a teasing grin.

In reality, Connor was seething inside now that he knew he had not just been kidnapped but was also facing imminent death on a dying planet.  With the practiced discipline of decades, there was not a ripple of his anger, fear, or weakness anywhere on his face.  Provocation while powerlessly imprisoned on a foreign planet would not be the smartest strategy.  His platform for negotiation would dissipate.

“We are requesting an encore, Connor, of your greatest work.  If I’ve read you correctly, I’m confident that there’s nothing you’d rather do.  Do you understand the term ‘terraforming’?”

“Yes,” grinned Connor.  I confess that I enjoy the worldbuilding dilemmas of many science fiction novels.  Terraforming or literally, ‘Earth-shaping’, is a process for modifying planets, moons, asteroids and such to make them habitable by Earth-like life, especially humans.

“Good.  Our scientists have found evidence that Annutia was originally terraformed – probably by people traveling from Earth through the wormhole long before vehicles for space travel were developed.  Now some alien species is trying to change the planet back.  Or at least trying to customize it to their needs.  We’re not sure yet.”

“We don’t yet have a word for this planetary engineering to a non-Earth-friendly ecology.  So, for convenience I borrowed the term ‘xenoforming’ from H.G. Wells in his 1898 novel, The War of the Worlds – the re-engineering of Earth or an Earth-like planet to benefit some alien population.  ‘Xeno’ pertains to foreign or foreigner.”

Axl abruptly stood up in the middle of the discussion and walked to the coffee bar.  While he presented a calm and in-control exterior, it was obviously a façade constructed with a discipline similar to Connor’s.  He asked Connor if he too would like another.  Connor asked for sparkling mineral water.  Ice.  Lemon.  The Minister returned and continued with some urgency.

“There are other wormholes near Annutia from which the aliens must have arrived.  We have no flying machines.  They were banned when the factions kept bombing each other or hijacking planes for ransom or using them for kamikaze missions.  Therefore, we’d have noticed any encroachment by air.  With the kind of stealth used, there was no way for us to know to protect ourselves.  We have weapons against invaders, of course, but this attack was too low key to be detected.

Rather, the aliens, whomever they are, patiently infected the planet with a deadly cocktail of algae which our scientists predict will gradually convert our atmosphere to their preference.  Oxygen will be eliminated.  An ample supply of ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates were apparently included in the cocktail to ensure that the algae flourished and spread rapidly.  Before this, algae were unknown on this planet.”

Axl abruptly stood up again to address a mounted super-sized map of the planet on Connor’s behalf.  It covered most of the wall opposite the window.  Lighting of various areas or categories was controlled by a board of buttons at the bottom.  Axl hit a button and some bodies of water were highlighted in red.

“The fatal effects of the xenoforming cocktail are spreading rapidly.  The algae emit gases and neurotoxins that are deadly to human beings and indeed all living things plant and animal.  These areas in red here, here, here, here, and here are particularly noxious.  The old and sick in these red zones are beginning to register respiratory distress.

“Apparently, algal toxins can be aerosolized by water waves.  Airborne algal toxins trigger allergy- and asthma-like symptoms such as airway constriction, shortness of breath, sneezing, and so on.  Persons with preexisting airway disease are most affected.  The toxins are released as the algae die and begin to decompose.

“The algae grow wherever there is moisture and particularly where they’ve been supplied with significant sources of phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon.  Accordingly, the algae gravitate to our lakes and rivers and are contaminating our water with neurotoxins and such,” he said as he returned to his seat with a laser pointer and a remote.  “Even water intrusion into buildings that are not immediately addressed tend to support the growth of the poisonous algae making our buildings unsafe or uninhabitable.

“We’re already facing water shortages.  Our existing water filtration systems are ill-equipped to handle the current levels of contamination.  Our water treatment systems can no longer screen out the concentrations of deadly neurotoxins in the water.

“In addition, the whole food chain has been affected.  The neurotoxins have accumulated in the bodies of shellfish, sardines, and anchovies, which, if then eaten by sea lions, otters, cetaceans, birds or people, can cause death.  The algae cover the water and prevent the sunlight required by plants living below from reaching them.  Animals dependent on those plants are then starved out.

“We assume these algae are food for the aliens.  Our think tanks have explored the idea that the invaders will allow our population to suffocate due to respiratory challenges and/or to die from dehydration or starvation.  They can then simply assume possession of Annutia when we’re all dead.  By then, they’ll have the sustainable food supply and atmosphere that they need.

“Our brainstorming groups have also contemplated the scenario in which Annutians could be enslaved by the aliens based on our need for oxygen, water, and food.  Therefore, they might invade when some of us are still living.

“The crisis you observed upon your arrival today, Connor, was the outbreak of a fire.  Some of the farmers along our main waterway here” as he pointed the laser light to the largest river, “tried to kill the algae by burning them.

“There were unexpected flammable gases that didn’t burn the algae at all.  The fire simply existed above the algae blooms.  Much like the effect of fire eaters and fire tracers who protect themselves with 70% isopropyl alcohol, white gas, naphtha fuel, or stunt fire gel on their skin as insulation.  The invaders must have planned for our use of fire as a defense as well.

“Our food chains have been affected.  Our fish industry is dead.  Our meat industry is quickly disappearing as the animal sources are dying from the toxicity from infected water, feed, and the food chain.  Our water is gone.  The laser light darted back to the map to follow the outline of the same largest and longest river.  We also get hydropower from the flow of the Kalix River which has been blocked by the algae.

“The farms that have grown up along our Kalix River because of the need for fresh water, no longer have access to it.  Toxic water has killed both cattle and crops.  We’re facing a severe food shortage as a result.

“The factions, tribes, and castes with water are demanding payment for what was previously shared.  They have been stockpiling resources for the starving, thirsty populations in their own jurisdictions.

“We’re having to increase our use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil for power.  There’s a corresponding increase in carbon dioxide emissions which are affecting the ozone layer to make our environmental problems worse.

“Coal-fired power plants spew billions of tons of climate-changing CO2 into the atmosphere which causes a greenhouse effect.  Greenhouse gases trap the heat from the sun causing global warming.  The most common heat-trapping gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone.  The resulting global warming causes . . . .”

The intensity of the discussion was suddenly interrupted by a sharp knock at the door.  A well-dressed gentleman burst into the office at a speed which prevented Axl from diplomatically rebuffing him.  He immediately headed to Connor with an outstretched hand.

“Welcome.  I’m Supreme Commander Rikard Riis,” he said bombastically.

With a respondent handshake, Connor replied at normal conversational decibels, “Connor Kane, former Commander-in-Chief, Global Human Resources Maximization, Earth.  A pleasure to meet you, Supreme Commander.”

“Please call me Rikard, Connor.  You are a most welcome addition to our life-and-death fight.  Thank you for agreeing to help us.  I look forward to hearing you introduce your process tomorrow at the Council meeting.  My wife Ingrid and I would be delighted if you’d join us for dinner in the next few days as your schedule permits.”

“Thank you, Rikard.  I’d be delighted,” responded Connor perfunctorily.

“Pardon my intrusion, Axl,” he said finally acknowledging the Minister’s presence with a nod in his direction.  “I’ll leave you gentlemen to your important work.”  With that, Rikard turned and abruptly exited the office with the same speed at which he had burst into it.

Supreme Commander Riis has the charm, charisma and sociability of successful politicians.  However, he has very little of the substance that Axl possesses.  It was obvious to Connor that someone had bought this man’s way into his current position.  Riis was a front.  A puppet.  And by the strain he sensed between the two men, Connor suspected that Axl was not the puppet master but the enemy.

Riis also lacked Axl’s benevolence.  In fact, there was a foreboding in his manner which made Connor fearful.  He realized that he would be even more uneasy if Axl was no longer there to protect him.  In an instant, he realized his dependence on the Minister.  He accepted that Axl was friend not foe.

Alone again, Connor restarted the discussion, “So have you brought me here to die, Axl?  I fear our friendship is going to be short-lived,” he quipped.

Axl laughed.  “I must have more faith in you than you do, Connor.”

Connor continued to jest to break Axl’s tension.  He motioned to the large picture on the wall of Vaudeville comedy duo and silent film comedians, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  Their famous catch phrase was printed boldly on the top, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”

“I relate, Axl.  I suspect I’m not the first,” he joked.

Axl laughed again succumbing to the distraction.  “Would you believe this is the oldest known relic from Earth?  I ‘ve often wondered if it suggests the time when Annutia was terraformed.  Laurel and Hardy were famous from the late 1920s to the 1940s.  Annutians tend not to concentrate on history as much as they do on Earth because our religion has us focusing on the ‘now.’  We’re taught mindfulness and contemplative techniques and practices in school from the first grade to help us to do that.

“Obviously, we need creative solutions now, Connor.  We need you to repeat with acceleration your conversion of humanity to a talent- and creativity-worshipping power structure.  We need our world’s talents working at the maximum to save our planet and ourselves.  There is no one better than you to do that.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Unfortunately, we’re a population devoid of creativity.  We have so many rules, and so many castes and so much prejudice and judgement that we’ve all but eliminated the courage to be creative.  We’ve become a left-brain society where logic reigns supreme.  Our creative right brains have atrophied.

“What makes you think there is enough time, Axl?”

“I’ve studied your career, Connor.  You’ve worked on the liberation of individuals to their full creative expression for 30 years.  When you assumed the role of Commander-in-Chief for Global Human Resources Maximization, you had your strategic plan completed and being actioned in your first month.  You established most of the structures for global conversion in your first two months.  What is it you call yourself?  Oh yes.  An execution creative.

“This is your encore, Connor.  Faster.  Smarter.  With higher stakes.  And with more fulfillment than the first time around.  There is no project more meaningful for you to undertake.

“If you went back to your retirement on Earth without at least trying, you’d regret it for the rest of your life.  Facing death is not the anathema for you, Commander Kane.  Facing a life without meaning, purpose, and mission is far worse for someone of your talents and passions.

“You’ll see, Connor.  We’ve already started.  We’ve released your speeches and writings into our corporations and upper educational streams to get people thinking about the conversion.

“I’m going to have Annalise arrange for you to access to the Planetary Government Library today.  You’ll get an idea of how much we know already so you can formulate what you want to say to the Council tomorrow about your plan.”

Connor refrained from comment while he began to formulate possible strategies.  He was indeed an execution creative by passion.  He believed he could implement anything even if it had never been done before.  He found new implementation challenges irresistible.

“I’ve studied your methods for achieving the restructuring to release the greatest creative solutions to global crises.  However, what I haven’t been able to figure out yet is what levers you pushed to cause the break in the money-and-political power grid in the first place.  A discussion for another day.”

Connor suspected Axl was referencing the forces behind Rikard Riis.  The Minister jumped up without warning for a third time and stepped quickly to his desk to flick on the intercom.  “Birgitte, has Annalise returned yet for Commander Kane?”

“Yes, sir.  She’s been here for some time.”

Axl moved to the door and opened it.

“So sorry to have kept you, Annalise.  Please come in for a moment.  Commander Kane needs library access to Earth information to find common ground for his speech to the Council tomorrow.  He’s also going to need information about the Council Ministers, so he can shape his speech to his audience.

“I think it’s also advisable that you make him aware of the conflicts among them so that he’s not blindsided.  In fact, why don’t you bring him at the beginning of the Council meeting so that he can observe the conflicts and players in action.

“Thank you, Annalise.  And thank you Commander Kane for undertaking this critical mission for us,” Axl said while shaking Connor’s hand.  “I look forward to hearing you speak.  Please use Annalise to let me know how I may help.”

And without even a moment to consider or to ask a question, Connor suddenly found himself outside of the Minister’s inner office next to its closed door.  Connor was impressed by how smooth Axl was.  He felt out-finessed.

“This way, Commander,” directed Annalise.  The tall and muscled Brik again trailed them.  Obviously, Axl considered him a VIP needing a bodyguard.

“Were you able to arrange the call with my wife?”

“I was indeed.  We have thirty minutes to arrive back at the appointed time.”

As they stepped out of the elevator on his floor of the residential tower, Connor could see at the other end of the hall Jon sitting at the table guarding his suite.  Perhaps Axl was right.  Maybe he’d underestimated his talents somewhat despite the celebratory gala.

As they arrived at the suite, Annalise walked to the office where an external telephone resided.  Connor took the covers off his lunch while he pondered how he was going to tell Lenore that there was a good chance that he would be dead within the year.

An Audio Introduction to Savanting

The Savanting Audiobook Preview Script

Savanting Audiobook
Available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Carrey. What do they have in common? Deep analyses by executive career maximizer Lauren Holmes show they all achieved their success using Savanting’s biology-driven protocol.

Savanting exploits the biology behind how savants outperform their potential – how they achieve incredible feats of genius from deficient brains theoretically incapable of them. We saw this juxtaposed brilliance and deficit with the world’s most beloved savant, Raymond Babbitt, brilliantly portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 Best Picture, Rain Man.

Yet savant superskills hint at capabilities of the human brain most have never experienced. Savanting makes savant genius accessible. This unprecedented protocol empowers brilliant breakthroughs from the nonbrilliant; vision from nonvisionaries; and extraordinary execution from the execution-challenged.

But above all, it releases creativity from noncreatives. Savanting renders all current methods for cultivating creativity obsolete. Studies show we’re born 98% creative. Entry into our school systems reduces us to 2% creative by age 7. Savanting reactivates our innate creativity by returning us to the way we were born to operate before cultural interference.

Creativity increases in flow state. Savanting’s power derives from a subset of the flow state identified by psychologist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi in his 1991 bestseller, “Flow: The Optimal Experience.” Lauren calls this specialized subset “savantflow.” The “savant brain” and the “savantflow brain” yield similar savant superskills.

Studies show that each of us has one domain in which we exhibit significant creativity. Coincidentally, savants also excel in only one domain. Savanting helps you to discover and develop your domain for creativity, breakthroughs, and flashes of genius.

Steve Jobs is synonymous with creativity. Bill Gates is not. Would it surprise you to learn that Lauren’s comparative analysis confirms that Gates is at least as creative as Jobs? Bill’s unique brand of creativity went undetected by critics who mistakenly assumed the creativity domains of rivals Jobs and Gates were the same.

One’s creativity domain needs to be the foundational strategy for one’s most rewarding career and life. All six superachievers demonstrate this. Jeff Bezos appears eclectic in his pursuits. Lauren shows that he has been creatively forwarding a singular domain since childhood. As a result, even the ever-venturing Jeff Bezos is predictable. Based on his prowess in his creativity domain, you’ll want to invest where Jeff invests.

This savant-inspired protocol is also a faster more reliable means to achieve mankind’s most sought-after goals. Savanting is the most expedient route to self-actualization in existence today. Continuous self-transcendence is built in. Extreme self-knowledge; sustained, self-sufficient self-love and happiness; wholeness; enlightenment; expanded consciousness; and true biology-driven purpose and potential. As the book’s final chapters reveal, these are byproducts of the savanting modus operandi.

Lauren Holmes developed savanting after interviewing over 300 global change executives in a compressed period of time. The shared way of working she observed was then filtered through the lens of her degree in biological anthropology and her subsequent specialization in career and talent maximization.

Needless to say, Lauren has similarly focused her education and career on her own creativity domain to develop this unique maximization methodology. In Savanting: Outperforming your Potential, Lauren shares discovery and invention which she was biologically predisposed to pursue. She too outperforms her assumed potential in her personal creativity domain.

SAVANTING: Outperforming your Potential
Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jim Carrey, Oprah, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates

Your Genius Formula

Your Savant Formula

Excerpt from The Encore: A Transformational Thriller from Chapter 11, Heroes in the Making by Lauren Holmes (2018)

Connor addressed the class. “Good morning, everyone!”  Audience members responded in kind.  “Over the last few days,  you’ve all been working hard to assimilate a new modus operandi for breakthroughs and creativity that we want you to use to solve the planet’s crises. 

“School is ending.  Our time to begin implementation is at hand.  We need to finalize a savant formula for each of you and identify the projects to which you will apply it.  Think carefully about your selections as we step through a final review this morning.  Let’s begin. 

“What is a savant formula?”

 Sibylla Lund called out, “It’s your maximum operation around the application of your strongest most rewarding talents.  Your own maximization allows you to merge with the bioflow’s maximization process.  This enables your capabilities to be extended by those of the bioflow – its evolutionary direction, forces, information, and the capabilities of the living systems it orchestrates.  This gives you the means to operate beyond your internal potential.” 

Sibylla was an unemployed electrical engineer from the shutdown of power plants due to the xenoforming and the switch to fossil fuels.  She was referred to his Breakthru Mission by Axl Dahl’s wife, Freya.  She’s a Varunian Freya met through her charity work. 

“What else does bioflow integration give you, Sibylla?”

“It’s also the means to access spontaneous knowledge as coincidences externally or as breakthroughs and epiphanies internally,” continued Sibylla.  “The more information fuel you have, the more easily, quickly, and frequently you can re-combine existing information systems to create a novel system or breakthrough that will get you to your goal more quickly. 

“One breakthrough could bypass hundreds of steps requisite to achieving a goal.  Our goal is to have serial breakthroughs driving our projects.  Speed plus invention breakthroughs are of the essence.  They are the key thrust of this Breakthru Mission since the normal modi operandi have failed to yield the necessary solutions to our crises.  We’re a world weak in creativity.”

“Sibylla, I like how you’ve synthesized multiple lectures in a very net way,” Connor responded, obviously impressed.  “Well done. 

“Why did I name your bioflow integration prescription your ‘savant formula’ and the new modus operandi ‘savanting?’”

“It’s the best explanation for how savants with no working left brains and thus no ability to access, retain, and process large quantities of data, nevertheless demonstrate that ability,” explained Sibylla.  “Their access must be external from information databases underlying the bioflow and all of its living information systems including the human species.”  Connor nodded.

“What is the generic formula for immersing oneself into the bioflow, Dania?  Dania Lind suddenly became a deer in headlights.  He hadn’t meant to catch her off-guard.  She had a Ph.D. in astrobiology after all and Sibylla had already given the high-level answer. 

Oh.  Connor suddenly realized that she was sitting next to Mikael Matsen again, the microbiologist.  There was a romance forming between them, so she’d undoubtedly not heard his question. 

“Anyone?” asked Connor as he tried to quickly take the spotlight off Dania.  “What is the generic formula for immersing oneself into the bioflow?”

Gregor Stinar stood up.  He was a lucky find assessed Connor.  He’d just graduated top of his class with a master’s degree in bioscience engineering and was an expert in environmental technology, rare for his and Annalise’s tribe, the Azurites.  Gregor had planned to take a year off to travel before settling into a career job.  I suspect we wouldn’t have acquired him otherwise Connor speculated. 

Connor had had to ask Axl to get Azurite Chief of State Einar Nyhus to wine and dine Gregor to impress upon him that his planet needed him.  Connor had heard something about a promise of first-class global travel that apparently sealed the deal.

“In its simplest form,” began Gregor, “the bioflow is a machinery or set of mechanisms for maximizing living systems for survival.  It promotes synergy among living systems.  It orchestrates all living systems synchronously into the ideal evolutionary direction for all.  Therefore, to integrate into it, one must be moving in the same direction or complying with its goals.  One must be operating at one’s maximum.  Or at least doing activities which will eventually maximize you,” Gregor added as an afterthought. 

“Maximizing inside means you’ll relink with the maximizing machinery outside since they are a single system.  When you’re complying with the direction and intent of the bioflow, you’re letting nature maneuver you into your most advantageous position vis-à-vis other living systems, information, and resources.”

“Extremely comprehensive answer, Greg.  You’re seeing the big picture – how all of the pieces fit together.  You’re understanding nature’s goals and how to exploit them to accelerate your own goals.  Thank you for an excellent overview. 

“Greg tells us we need to be compliant with our internal maximizing mechanisms to merge with the external maximizing machinery.  What then is our maximum?

Dania decided to respond.  Connor was pleased that her head was back in the game.  She was extremely talented and well-educated.  Connor expected great things from her.  He wanted to ensure she didn’t waste her talents and opportunity for greatness on the distractions of a romance.

“Savantflow.  And, before you ask,” laughed Dania, “that’s the flow state that arises when we’re applying our strongest most rewarding talents to the most meaningful and gratifying tasks for an audience that values that work.  The biochemistry and electromagnetics of our most desirable emotions, the constellation of our drives for achievement and creation, our maximization instincts and genes have all evolved to pull us to this maximum to ensure the survival of the individual and the species.  Savantflow is our automatic mechanism for flicking us into our maximum.”

“A very complete answer, Dania.  Thank you.  So how does one get into savantflow within the bioflow, Dania?”

“This is because your maximum is a constant and how the bioflow maximizes your system and indeed all living systems is also a constant.  Suddenly you can seem to operate as if you have psychic abilities because you know which projects the bioflow will and will not support.  Which projects will and will not succeed.  Yet it’s simply a matter of knowing nature’s historical logic, goals, and directions.”

“Yes, thank you, Dania,” exclaimed Connor enthusiastically.  He nodded at her with a proud grin to tell her that she had redeemed herself.  “How does one discover one’s savant formula?”

Olivia Ohlson stood up.  She and Kellin’s son Rolland were the youngest of the creatives at age 20.  “To identify one’s savant formula, we simply need to look at our past pattern of events and activities that launched our savantflows. 

“Whatever the theme of the activities causing our savantflows was in the past – our savantflows theme – will predict how you can move into savantflow in the future.  Your savantflows theme will be your savant formula for moving into future savantflows.

“Or, uh, I guess you could call it your savantflow-bioflow theme.  It’s this theme which will tell each of us precisely which projects to choose for success with Annutia’s Breakthru Mission. 

“Right you are, Olivia,” confirmed Connor to validate both to Liv and the group that he respected how talented she was.  She was another KahlDahr like Kellin and Rolland who was brilliant and inventive despite having been deprived of a formal education. 

Savantflow-bioflow theme captures our goal perfectly, doesn’t it?  Thank you, Olivia.”  Connor was pleased that he’d been right about Liv.  Despite being so young she was excelling at savanting. 

He had recruited her from the Programming Department after recruiting Kellin.  Like Kellin, Liv had been overlooked as all KahlDahr are.  Their protruding brows make them appear both menacing and primitive.  Also, she was female, beautiful, poor, confident, creative, and self-educated, all of which increased the discrimination she had endured over her short life. 

The ruling castes had missed that, with Liv’s unity consciousness, she could see how massive computer systems fit together.  She had an executive perspective.  Yet she could also work brilliantly on all the tiny details composing that larger picture. 

He and Annalise had been waiting for the elevator for the Council Chamber when he watched her flowchart all of the systems for a bullying, condescending executive.  He was obviously very much her senior, yet he was having great difficulty grasping the breadth of her thinking. 

“What if you can’t identify the pattern in your past savantflow events.  How else might you determine your savant formula?”

 “Your spontaneous-knowledge theme,” called someone from the audience but Connor couldn’t see whom it was.  “Determine the theme of the activities you were doing when you experienced breakthroughs, epiphanies, coincidences and other spontaneous knowledge events. 

“Exactly,” said Connor.  Other ways of determining your savant formula?

Kellin stood up, “Your unpaid-work theme.  This entails an examination of the events in your past when you’ve done work that you crave so much that you’d do it for free.  You love it that much.  Whereas, others would charge for it because they consider it work.  You should be able to trace this theme in patterns of events in your past. 

“You’ll have emotional highs when you’re doing this kind of work so the positive-emotions theme will also apply.  When you do it, there’ll also be the expected occurrences of spontaneous knowledge, flashes of genius, breakthroughs, and clusters of coincidences. 

“This is exactly right, Kellin.  You’ve lived your savant formula, haven’t you – since you made the car that died on your front lawn operational in your pre-teen years.”  Kellin nodded.

“What’s the difference between breakthroughs, coincidences, spontaneous knowledge and epiphanies,” Connor continued.

Kellin, still standing, responded.  “Nothing.  They’re all re-combinations of information systems inside of you or outside of you to invent a new information system.  They’re all part of the larger scheme of the creative evolutionary advance of the bioflow.  Nature can’t always solve evolutionary challenges in a gradual incremental way.  It must use quantum leaps to create a human eye for example.  We want to harness the bioflow’s creativity production line to solve the crises of our world.”

“Excellent, Kellin,” Connor beamed.  I never specifically stated that they were all part of the same continuum that connects our inner systems and brain to the bioflow or that they are simply an extension of nature’s own universal creative, adaptive, evolutionary process, but you figured it out.

“You’re obviously going to excel at exploiting the bioflow for your projects, Kellin.  Just as you see how the systems of this huge Government Complex run, you have the expanded consciousness to grasp how the systems of the universe interconnect and operate.” 

Connor wanted to ensure that KahlDahr Kellin, Rolland, Olivia and others were not intimidated by those with multiple degrees or from more elevated castes.  He wanted them free to create and achieve at the maximum of their significant talents. 

Connor was a big Kellin fan.  The KahlDahr was so incredibly talented.  He was also good people.  The two had a special bond.  They both shared a wisdom that comes from living from unity consciousness and seeing how everything is connected, even the two of them.  He had a warm spot in his heart for Olivia and Kellin’s son, Rolland, for the same reason.  

Rolland was still working on his biology degree, yet his expansive brilliance was more insightful than mature professionals in that field.  He could see biological systems as ingeniously as his father could see mechanical systems or Liv could see programming systems.  All three had effortlessly absorbed the systems thinking underlying savanting. 

 “You’ve created a quantum leap for everyone, Kellin.  In savantflow, your concentration is simply on the creative act you are doing.  You become pure creation.  This is our natural state.  This is nature’s natural state.  This is my process of savanting in a nutshell. 

“Let’s say you’ve never been free during your life to discover your unpaid work theme.  What other patterns of events in your past could you track to determine your savant formula?”  No one responded.  “How else could you get into savantflow within the bioflow?”  No one responded.  “What other themes could you follow?”  No one responded. 

He had told them that all of the themes point to the same savant formula, so perhaps they thought learning only one or two would be enough.  However, being fluent in them all means that you’ll be able to action incoming events in your life more quickly.  You’ll make directional decisions faster. 

“We’ve identified the savantflows theme or savantflow-bioflow theme, the spontaneous-knowledge theme, the unpaid-work theme, and the positive-emotions theme.  What else?”

Finally, Henerik Halderson posited an answer. “You can look at the events of new knowledge that you naturally pursued since childhood.” 

When they recruited him, Henerik was a biochemistry degree dropout seeking to find himself and his purpose.  Henerik had blossomed with the Breakthru Mission and School.  He had found his purpose. 

“Yes, good,” reinforced Connor.  “You want to assess the common thread of any new learning that you voluntarily sought.  Your learning-pursuit theme or knowledge-pursuit theme

Henerik nodded before continuing, “What growth have you sought historically?  Your growth theme or growth-pursuit theme.  What is the theme that runs through the times in your past when you were creative or inventive?  And what is the common territory of new creations that you’ve historically sought?  Your creativity theme or creation theme?  Also, in what fields did you choose to be creative?  What is your creativity-pursuit theme?

“And what is the commonality of the new territories of knowledge or new frontiers that you’ve historically penetrated?  Your frontier-pursuit theme.  These are all likely to also generate emotional highs so, as Kellin indicated, you could also track what work or activities generated passion, excitement, and enthusiasm.  Your positive-emotions theme.”

“Good work, Henerik!  You’ve added a number of categories of past events to our list for assessment.  There are a couple more that offer alternative means to identify your savant formula.  Anyone?  Yes, Marta.”

Marta Kaase was a Varunian electrical engineer also laid off from the power plants like fellow-Varunian Sibylla.  Connor had learned that in the Annutia caste system, Varunians were one step above the KahlDahr and one rung below the Azurites.

“Your successful-projects theme,” suggested Marta.  “I think we could pick our future projects based on our past successful projects – ones with the tell-tale arrows that everyone has been identifying.” 

“You’re exactly right, Marta.  When you’re choosing your projects for the Breakthru Mission, you’ll want to ensure you capitalize on the formula that has created successful projects in your past.  Now that you know about the bioflow, you don’t want to see those projects as isolated events.  There is a pattern.  If you can dig for it, there is no need to ever pursue a project that will not succeed again.  Never again will you swim upstream against the bioflow to try to make a project work. 

“We know if it’s a right project for us that we will see clusters of coincidences, breakthroughs and other spontaneous knowledge events, facilitating events and gates, emotional highs, and serial savantflows.  Marta, what will we see if we choose projects not on the yellow-brick road, so to speak?” 

“Blocks,” said Marta.  “Setbacks.  Negative emotions.  The absence of any arrows or signposts.  Hard work step-by-step instead of coincidences and facilitating events catapulting you forward hundreds of steps at a time. 

“You’ll have to use discipline to push yourself to keep going instead of being pulled forward by compelling drives.  The formula of past failed projects will continue in the future.  There is now a predictability that never existed for me before.  There appears to be an incredible order to reality where we assumed chaos.”

“Precisely,” said Connor.  “Well done, Marta.  I’ve asked you all to start developing hypotheses as to what projects you want to pursue to solve the planet’s crises.  When you test them out, if they’re wrong for you or the planet or the evolutionary bioflow of the planet, Marta has described precisely what you’ll experience.  You’ll then need to quickly replace those projects. 

“We can do your first test right now.  When you think of doing the project you have selected, are you excited or does your energy nosedive?  That is your first indication.  Are you going to have to push yourself to do the wrong project rather than being joyfully excited by the right project?  Excellent work, Marta.”

“Who has remembered the last two themes or patterns of past events that you can evaluate?” probed Connor further. 

Sven Steensen called out, “Your historical meaning theme or meaning-pursuit theme.  What projects, work, or contributions have historically given your life meaning.  What contributions do you crave to make?” 

Sven was a mechanical engineer.  Like Sibylla Lund and Marta Kaase, he was also laid off from a hydropower company as they had to return to burning fossil fuels. 

“Thank you, Sven.  Obviously, we need everyone doing work that is meaningful to them.  This is part of the positive-emotions theme when you’re on the right path to maximization and immersion into the bioflow. 

What is the last theme to identify one’s savant formula?  Jordaan, what is the one we’re missing?  The most elusive one until you develop this skill?”

“Resonance.  Your pattern or theme of resonance events,” exclaimed Jordaan Jostad after a moment of pensive reflection.  An astrophysicist, Jordaan is adept at applying the laws of physics and chemistry to explain the birth, life and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and other objects in the universe.

This was the perfect direction for someone who’d been addicted to the pursuit of astronomy and cosmology since his childhood years with his Dad, a world-renowned astronomer.  Much to his surprise, his Dad was all in favor of Jordaan participating in the Breakthru Mission.  Connor learned why at a social event at Axl’s home. 

Apparently, Dad attributes his own success to an incredible memory and the logic to apply that knowledge.  While they were both passionate about the same fields, these were not Jordaan’s strengths.  He showed signs of being much more inventive, imaginative, and creative.  Jordaan had a gift for inventing new scientific equipment and designing unprecedented computer software to analyze data and such.  Dad’s strengths were left-brain; his son’s were right-brain. 

Dad had realized when Connor selected his son that he’d recruited the right strengths for the Annutia Breakthru Mission.  He felt Commander Kane could teach Jordaan things that he could not.  That Kane could cultivate in his son strengths that he himself did not possess. 

Because Jostad Sr, believed so much in Connor, he had secured additional funding for the program to ensure its success.  Connor was pleased to have a creative as talented as Jordaan in the group. 

“You are exactly right,” confirmed Connor.  “Tell us about resonance and how to use it, Jordaan.” 

 “This is our frequency-sensing ability.  You are one tuning fork.  When you concentrate on a direction option which is the right one to take towards maximization within the maximization direction of the bioflow, it’s like a second tuning fork starts to tone in resonance with you, the first tuning fork.  This is how you can proceed quickly and safely into unknown territory. 

“You look at your list of possible directions and choose the one where you feel the surge of a second tuning fork beginning to cause vibration within you in resonance.”

“Is resonance the same as gut feel or intuition, Jordaan? 

“No, sir.  It has no additional information other than two things having the same frequency.”

“Precisely.  Well done.  Thank you, Jordaan.”  Connor went to turn away and then turned back to ask as an afterthought, “Have you ever used your resonance, Jordaan?”

“No, sir.” 

“Raise your hands.  Who has used resonance or thinks they have?  About 20%.  I suspect that within a couple of months, most of you will raise your hands.  Resonance or frequency-sensing is faster in determining direction.  It means you won’t have to test various direction hypotheses to look for other indicator events in your reality before you can determine your best direction in which to proceed. 

 “Now, what if you don’t have the patterns of events of any of these themes in your past.  A no-themes situation.  What does that mean?  What should you do?  Yes, Mikael?”

 “This means you’ve lived your life directed by external elements – you’ve been externally referenced – rather than complying with your natural addictive drives internally – or been internally referenced.  Consequently, you haven’t maximized.  Therefore, you haven’t merged with the bioflow.  As a result, you’ll have less consistent patterns or fewer of them to help you to determine direction to achieve your goals.  You won’t be able to recruit the power of the bioflow.” 

Connor was pleased that Mikael had taken his attention off Dania long enough to participate.  Mikael was brilliantly creative, perhaps the best after Kellin.  Connor knew when he recruited him that he was going to excel at using savanting to solve the crises.  Since then he’d proven even better than expected. 

Mikael was another brilliant Varunian bench-pressing out of his caste.  That he should have had difficulty finding work was such a waste of extraordinary talent.  Connor was grateful for his availability to contribute to the Breakthru Mission. 

“So, what do you need to do, Mikael?”

“Start savanting with serial savantflows so that the indicators will emerge.  Then you can use them to predict your future and your ideal direction.” 

“Exactly, Mikael.  However, I’ll give you all a hint.  None of you are in this ‘no-themes’ category.  You were recruited based on your themes of past events in your life and their match to the planetary crises.

 “Good work, everyone!” Connor praised.  I’m going to give you the rest of today to analyze your past patterns of events to help you to pick out at least one project that has the greatest chance of success.  Know your savant formula.  Then use that formula to select the projects that you would be most excited to pursue to save Annutia.”

Accessing True Potential

An Overview of Savanting

Excerpt from The Encore: A Transformational Thriller, from Chapter 3, Connor’s Council Speech by Lauren Holmes (2018)

Connor stood at the head of the table collecting his thoughts on what he wanted to say.  Suddenly his thoughts were arrested by the sheer beauty of the high-gloss, deeply burled wood of the long thick tabletop.  He had never seen anything like it on Earth.  The three-dimensional complexity and convolutions of the pronounced grain patterns pulled him into their depths, grounding him.

It incited within him a resonance upon which he had come to rely to signal that he was taking the right path.  In an instant, everything he was about to say was recolored with new meaning and purpose.  It was infused with new energy and inspiration.  He was transformed from coerced to committed.  He began his speech from a new depth.

“The simultaneous occurrence of a number of crises which threatened the survival of Earth and humanity fueled a dramatic change in the power structure which had dominated our planet.  Those with the greatest power and/or money came to realize that all the power and money in the world were not going to save them.  They had no choice but to relinquish the reins to ‘lesser beings’ more creative and talented than they were who could solve the problems.

“The creativity and inventiveness of the world’s human resources were unleashed to find solutions.  Brilliant breakthroughs defeated the crises.  Humanity survived.  Civilization evolved into a more advanced level of existence.

“I’d been recruited as Commander-in-Chief, Global Human Resources Maximization because I’d had unusual success over a few decades in creating worldchangers.  Worldbuilders, may be more precise.  The key to my methods was a dedication to the daily use and improvement of one’s strongest most rewarding talents.  This was our maximum.  Our peak performance.

“I discovered that, once engaged, we had evolved mechanisms to addict us to operating at this maximum as you would expect of any successful species.  My formula triggered these addictive survival mechanisms for maximization.  Magic happened as a result of living this maximum day after day.

“An overdrive state emerged which exceeded known human potential.  It was a state of genius which we routinely observe in savants who do not have the brain capacity to express such genius.  It was the state of spontaneous knowledge which those who’ve had near death events universally describe.

“What emerged from my formula was serial breakthroughs, flashes of genius, creative inspirations, and other forms of spontaneous knowledge.  Whole systems or ‘books’ of relevant information seem to download into their heads to help them complete the task at hand.  One breakthrough could bypass hundreds of steps necessary to achieving a goal.

“The internal mechanisms humans had evolved to pressure peak performance to improve our chances of survival include addictive drives, biochemistry, positive emotions and passions, to name a few.

“These mechanisms are part of the same system we have evolved to maximize the health of our bodies.  But our pressure to maximize appears to be larger than an internal maximizing process.

“It became evident that human beings are linked to a larger external maximization process with which they have co-evolved.  This external maximizing machinery seeks to maximize all living things synergistically, symbiotically, and synchronously.

“This extension of our internal resources with external resources was the source of the overdrive state I discovered.  It was a new level of peak performance and human potential.  The formula I invented was the means to invoke this overdrive state.

“Recruiting this external maximization machinery occurs automatically when one is operating at one’s maximum.  This is because maximization internally and externally is a single system.  We have not evolved to operate as separate entities.  When one is complying with the direction of one’s maximizing machinery internally, one will automatically merge with the external maximizing machinery.

“Because this machinery is advancing all living systems, I call it the bioflow.  It is the direction of the co-evolution of all living species.  When we comply with the bioflow, our capabilities are suddenly extended by the power, information, direction, synergy, and evolution of all living systems.  We can achieve beyond our internal potential.

“To complete my overdrive formula, I discovered a fast route to maximization.  A built-in mechanism that humanity has evolved.  I discovered savantflow.  We’ve all experienced ordinary flow states.  They are periods of altered consciousness that arise from hyperfocus on an activity.

“They are sessions of complete absorption in an activity such that time, place, and sense of self disappear.  They invoke activity fusion, if you will.  Normally, our brains fire chaotically.  However, in flow, one’s entire brain unifies to a cohesive focus on the activity at hand.  Peak performance results.”

“Are you talking about that 1990 book called Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by a name I can’t pronounce?” asked Nyhus as he looked up from his tablet.

“Csikszentmihalyi (cheek-sent-me-high-ee),” responded Connor.  “And yes, this is the generic peak performance flow state to which I’m referring.

Savantflow is a specialized subset which I identified.  It occurs when the flow state experienced arises specifically from applying one’s strongest most rewarding talents and strengths in the most meaningful way for the most appreciative or valuing audience.

“This is the formula for the true maximum performance of anyone’s system.  Savantflow is the way for us to automatically flick into maximized state.”

Grand General Haugstad, the head of armed forces, interjected, “Did physicist David Bohm not talk about a ‘holomovement.’  How does this fit with the bioflow you’re describing?”

“For simplicity, you can assume they are one and the same, Grand General Haugstad.  You can assume a singular integrated, synergistic, and synchronous flow or pulsation for all successful living systems.  Every successful living system is co-evolving dynamically.”  Haugstad nodded.

“This organizing bioflow continuously puts each living system into proximity with the information they need to advance and maximize,” continued Connor.  “Think of every living system as simply an information system.

“Think of nature as a librarian who organizes these living information systems to the advantage of the majority and priority.  When one merges with the larger maximization machinery, the librarian will position you advantageously in the database to source the information you need next for the task you’re focused on in your savantflow.  The information you need for your continued or sustained maximization.”

“You said ‘goals which will maximize them,’” interrupted KahlDahr Chief of State Lennart Lorenson.  “So then not every goal will be supported by the bioflow?”

“Correct, Minister Lorenson.  And an astute observation.  One must frame one’s goal in the direction of the internal-external maximizing process if one wants the bioflow to accelerate and enhance its achievement.  Each of us can know what future goals will be supported based on what goals were supported in our past.

“One’s maximum is a constant.  The way the bioflow pressures your system to maximize is a constant.  Therefore, what was supported in your past will be supported in your future.  You will know which projects will succeed or fail based on your history.  You’ll have predictability.

“If you’re trying to obtain money to perpetuate a state of sub-maximization, or worse, a detrimental state, you’ll have to fight upstream against a bioflow intent on maximizing you,” explained Connor.

“Would the corollary be supported?” asked Rikard Riis.  Connor had to smile to himself at Riis’ interest in money.  He’d already suspected that Riis was a puppet who could be bought.

“It’s not as straightforward as that, Supreme Commander.  Money for something on one’s maximization path would be provided only if it is the fastest and easiest route to your maximization.

“We think we need money for every goal we want.  Nature, however, is infinitely more creative.  For example, one information coincidence might catapult you past hundreds of steps to your goal without the need for money.  Accordingly, you’ll want to be open to being orchestrated by the bioflow to achieving your goal through any channel rather than insisting it come through a specific channel such as money.

The goal of the internal-external maximizing machinery is to keep you in savantflow, your maximum state.  Period.  You’ll have to build your money goal in the direction that the bioflow is heading in order to benefit from it.

“I’ve already identified each living being as an information system,” continued Connor.  “Now I want you to think of creativity in information terms as well.  Creativity, creation, innovation, inventiveness, and creative breakthroughs are the result of combining existing information systems to create a new novel information system.

“Think of the merging of a system of DNA information from each parent to create a new novel information system, a child.  This recombining of information systems is how breakthroughs and epiphanies occur.

“This means that one will need easy access to the right information fuel to generate the breakthroughs necessary to solve Annutia’s crises quickly.  If you’ll allow the bioflow to orchestrate your direction, you’ll find yourself colliding with the exact information you need at the time you need it to re-combine for creative breakthroughs, flashes of genius, and Eureka events.  This happens automatically with savantflow-bioflow integration.

“Over time, the magnitude, speed, quantity, quality, and impact of your breakthroughs will increase.  Again, one breakthrough could eliminate hundreds of steps to achieve needed solutions faster.  One breakthrough can change the world.  One breakthrough can save a world in crisis.  This means that even the ordinary can achieve the extraordinary.

“Obviously, the access to information fuel is key to the kind of serial breakthroughs we need to address Annutia’s crises.  Let me explain how I discovered how to increase the fuel to increase the breakthroughs.

“Mysteriously, savants usually display genius in one of five general fields — music, art, calendar recall or computation, mathematics, or mechanical/visual-spatial skills.  A music savant may be able to perform an entire piece of music flawlessly after hearing it only once.  Or, they may be able to play an instrument perfectly with no instruction or practice.  Or, they may be able to demonstrate having an extensive repertoire of songs or pieces many of which they may never have heard before.

Calendar savants can quickly identify the day of the week, the weather, and events for any calendar date past or present.  Mathematical savants may be able to do rapid, complex calculations and equations in their heads in seconds.  They can suddenly know the right mathematical answer even though most have brains incapable of even simple arithmetic.

“It gradually became obvious to me that most savants share a common skill – access to massive amounts of field-specific information which include procedural instructions.  Savant superskills are information-based.  Information and savantism are intimately linked.  In some cases, the information base is itself the savant superskill as in mnemonist savants.  Mnemonists have the ability to provide long lists of data such as names, numbers, entries in books, and so on.”

“Do you mean a savant like Dustin Hoffman played in the movie Rain Man?” asked Axl.

“Precisely, Minister Plenipotentiary.”  Connor was delighted to discover another movie lover and another commonality with Axl.  “Though fictional, he’s the most famous savant.  He’s a composite of a few true savants.

“Through Raymond Babbitt, many of us were introduced to savants and learned what the human mind is capable of doing.  You could see how Raymond was dysfunctional for so many things, but for capabilities based on access to a large database of information, he was a genius.”

“Well, he must have been smart in some way to do the mathematical calculations he did,” conjectured Rikard Riis.

“Or did he simply access calculations already in existence in a database of all potential calculations, Supreme Commander?” speculated Connor.  His brain was too damaged to do the calculations or to retain the massive amounts of information which he demonstrated.

“I puzzled over why so many savants had precisely the same capabilities despite the variations in the damage to their left brains.  Why did they access the same five or so databases of information?  And why did those who acquired savantism later in life due to left-brain injury, suddenly know the same information about one of the savant field as other savants when they didn’t know it before their injury?

“And why did so many savants access this information even though neuroscientists were able to prove that, like Raymond Babbitt, their brains should not be able to retain such information even if they could acquire it?  This was all too coincidental to be simply an individual capability.  Something larger and more universal was going on.

“It suddenly occurred to me that every savant was downloading a single book or system of information from an external library specific to the field of their genius or talent.  Suddenly, everything fit.  Savants in each of the five fields of genius were downloading precisely the same book.  If the book didn’t exist how could they all have access to that same book?  The information had to be externally sourced.  This is why I now call my overdrive achievement methodology savanting.

“In savantflow, we automatically connect to the information database relevant to the activity which has generated the flow state.  Therefore, we have many more breakthroughs when we’re in savantflow.  We have access to more information fuel relevant to our task at hand which can be re-combined to generate breakthroughs.”

Azurite Chief of State Einar Nyhus looked up from researching on his tablet.  “Savant genius could indeed be externally sourced.  There is nothing in the Annutia or Earth databases which demonstrates that scientists have discovered mechanisms internal to savant brains which proves how their genius occurs.

“In fact, the study of savant brains has demonstrated the opposite – that savants should not be able to do the amazing things that they do.  Commander Kane’s explanation may indeed be the more plausible one.”

“Thank you, Minister Nyhus.  Creativity from non-creatives becomes possible with this new modus operandi,” continued Kane.  “As with savants, the quantity and quality of the breakthroughs is not limited by one’s intelligence, experience, or creativity.

“Rather it has to do with the access to information that results from integrating into the bioflow of nature’s larger maximizing process.  This automatically occurs in savantflow which is built into everyone.  It is everyone’s maximum state.  Therefore, we could recruit an army of both creatives and non-creatives alike to help solve the Annutia crises.

“In addition, integration into the bioflow enables one’s creativity to be guided in the direction of humanity’s evolutionary flow.  This means that the breakthroughs one will have will be important to the evolving human race.  This integration is why a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos could invent at the front end of the evolution of civilization thus ensuring their products and services would be popular.  They lived in savantflow.

“Therefore, connecting to the bioflow is how we’ll ensure that we’ll have the specific breakthroughs necessary to save Annutia.  The bioflow is already trying to correct the damaged living systems of the planet.  If we tap into that, our efforts will be synergistic with nature’s efforts.

“To enter flow or savantflow, one must be stretched beyond one’s previous capabilities.  Consequently, growth is built in.  The more time you spend in savantflow, the faster your functionality and strengths will increase.  Therefore, over time, your system’s maximum will increase.

“Because flow is an altered state of consciousness, one’s consciousness will also develop over time.  Specifically, serial savantflow sessions will cause your consciousness or breadth of perspective to expand.

“What does this mean for you?  If you’re sitting in a rowboat on a river, your view of the events in your life might be like seeing boxes float past you.  However, if you’re in a hot air balloon above the river, you might see a pattern in those boxes or that they’re connected into a system.  From a plane you might be able to see that that system of boxes was connected to four other systems upon which you might capitalize to meet your goals.

“Eventually continuous expansion will lead each individual to experience unity consciousness.  This means you can see and capitalize on the interconnectedness of all things for each territory upon which you choose to focus.

The solutions you can contribute to the world from this state will increase exponentially.  With unity consciousness and immersion into the bioflow, you’ll have more information upon which to make decisions.  You’ll also have more information to combine into new information systems.

“In addition, expanded consciousness will also trigger a cascading increase in your baseline functionality.  Especially your meta-competencies.  Cognitive skills, for example, will improve.  There’ll be upgrades in abstract thinking, conceptual thinking, big-picture thinking, systems thinking, strategic thinking, mental agility, adaptivity, pattern recognition, trend perception, environmental scanning, problem re-framing, and ambiguity resolution.

“Now imagine this kind of accelerated growth across Annutia’s entire pool of human resources.  You’ll have raised the bar on the potential, the quality of life, and the operation of your entire civilization.  You’ll have made everyone’s life more meaningful and contributory.  You’ll have linked everyone to the bioflow guidance system, so they’re being orchestrated to the advantage of humanity.”

“At this point, a global transformation will occur,” continued Connor.  He felt his frequency rising and those in the room coming with him as he continued to reveal compelling logic while bringing them to an emotional home innate in everyone.

“What will have emerged is a singular creative, inventive force directed by nature’s evolutionary flow.  The need for government control and direction will dissipate into distributed power and leadership.  With every human being maximized in savantflow and moving with the bioflow, you’ll have created unified direction and unified consciousness.  You’ll have a civilization based upon a single shared consciousness and purpose.

“Flow is an egoless state in which all that exists is the activity at hand.  It is characterized by only positive emotions.  Identity and separation cease to exist.  Discrimination and conflict can therefore no longer exist.  War will disappear.  The fractionalization and segmentation of your society will fall away in this nature-run, talent-maximized world.

“Your society will have achieved spontaneous unification.  All will become one.  A single synergistic and synchronized oneness will emerge for the advance of humanity.  Universal peace and love would now be achievable as a byproduct of individual self-actualization and fulfillment.”


Wholeness through Awe


A byproduct of Savanting

Excerpt from Savanting: Outperforming your Potential, Chapter 23 by Lauren Holmes (2019)

Not only do self-actualization and self-transcendence emerge from the savantflows driving savanting, but so too does another oft-pursued goal – “awe.”  This is the emotion which attracts so many to religious and spiritual organizations.  It even draws extraterrestrial believers to the UFO “religion.”

Awe is a powerfully addictive emotion.  Awe experiences are innately self-transcendent.  They shift our attention away from ourselves.  They make us feel as if we are part of something greater than ourselves.  They make us more generous toward others.

The 2003 paper of Keltner and Haidt,[i] “Approaching Awe – A Moral, Spiritual, and Aesthetic Emotion,” identifies studies which show that awe is often accompanied by feelings of self-diminishment and increased connectedness with other people.  Experiencing awe often puts people in a self-transcendent state where they focus less on themselves and more on being part of a larger whole.

In this way, awe is both an altered state of consciousness and an emotional state.  As such, it is akin to flow state.[ii]  In fact, awe is a component of the addictive draw of flow.

Shiota et al. (2007) define awe as “an emotional response to perceptually vast stimuli that overwhelm current mental structures yet facilitate attempts at accommodation.”

Awe is one of the very rare emotions that turn our minds outwards rather than inwards. The experience of awe entices us to transcend the boundaries of our individual self.  We are drawn outside of ourselves to wonder at phenomena in the natural world, the noble actions of others, or the genius of creativity.  Our daily concerns and ingrained expectations of life are revised as a result.

Another consequence of the “diminished sense of self” spawned by awe is an enhanced awareness of being part of something infinitely larger and more universal.  Shiota et al. (2007) report that those asked to re-live an awe-inspiring moment revealed pronounced feelings of love, connectedness to the world around them, rapture, contentment, awareness of something greater than the self, a lack of awareness of everyday concerns, and a desire to prolong the emotional state for as long as possible.[iii]

Awe is a compelling part of the beneficial addiction to the savant-inspired protocol once you start advancing your savant domain.  Think of the emotional highs in a productive savantflow, when you are achieving at your maximum and elements of your reality generated by the bioflow are helping you every step of the way.

Imagine getting the exact information you need when you need it to achieve a goal.  Or a model that will show you how to get what you want.  Or clusters of coincidences catapulting you ahead – each one a magical mystical experience.  Imagine the emotional highs of breakthroughs and epiphanies creating unprecedented futures.

This is the stuff of a life of miracles.  Awe will become a frequent feature of living the savanting modus operandi.  Imagine looking back across major creations and inventions in your savant domain, especially if you’ve been a nonperformer before savanting.  Then imagine that you achieved all of that through play not work.  Imagine how the world would be different because you lived and left your footprint.


One of the most frequently mentioned dimensions of the flow experience is that, while it lasts, one is able to forget all the unpleasant aspects of life.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
Flow: The Psychology of Happiness[i]

One of the most frequently mentioned dimensions of the flow experience is that, while it lasts, one is able to forget all the unpleasant aspects of life.

Respite and self-transcendence

Awe is a sought-after emotional goal for everyone, but it is heavenly for “the damaged.”  I want to encourage those who think themselves too damaged from abuse, trauma, or psychological or physical limitations to pursue self-actualization, self-transcendence, and worldchanging goals to switch to the savanting modus operandi.

There are no negative emotions experienced during savantflows.  Imagine the hours, days, and years of relief that those tormented by looping negative thoughts or addictions might have.  If you want an escape from the noise in your head holding you back, savanting creates a place where innate drives and biochemical rewards can pull you to do your greatest work.

As the beneficial addiction to advance one’s savant domain takes hold, lives that might otherwise have been wasted through psychological issues and complications will be pulled to achieve great meaning and contribution.

Savanting may be a most unexpectedly profound psychological solution.  It is a step beyond Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy based on “our will to meaning.”  Savanting addresses “our will to meaning” and “our will to creativity, creation, invention, innovation,” and “our need to contribute” as an integrated process.


But more than relief, serial savantflows may be able to correct the problems of the damaged so they can become whole.  Savantflows provide some extremely positive emotional, spiritual, and even mystical experiences that are rejuvenating.

Damaged individuals may thrive in savantflows where their damage either doesn’t exist or is not invoked.  And, over months and years devoid of re-damaging cycles, the hold of old noise in one’s head will dissipate.  It will be overwritten by new more positive habits and thoughts.

In addition, activities triggering savantflows are often ones which creatively express, reinforce, and nourish one’s essence.  These often lead to experiencing self-sufficient, sustainable self-love – often the missing ingredient that resulted in the damage in the first place.

While there are no studies specifically investigating savantflows, there are flow studies which reinforce these findings.  There was a 2009 study conducted on Japanese students by Kiyoshi Asakawa at the Department of Intercultural Communication at Hosei University Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo, Japan.

The study found that those who experienced flow more often were more likely to have higher levels of self-esteem, Jujitsu-kan (a sense of fulfillment), life satisfaction, better coping strategies, and lower anxiety.[v]

If you’re in therapy to deal with your lack of fulfillment, even ordinary flows may be an alternate way to achieve this goal.  As one’s time in savantflows increases and significant projects start to define one’s savant domain, positive emotions will emerge around self-love, self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence, and a strengthened identity and purpose.  Sustainable happiness is possible from accelerated and amplified achievement and the increased creativity of savantflows.

Those damaged by deprivation or interference with this critical suite of emotions can be made whole.  This is just one more way in which human biology has been designed to be self-correcting.  Evolution would of course have built a powerful constellation of positive and compelling emotions into Man’s maximum to entice repeated reentry to savantflows?

The damaged may still reveal their flaws in other arenas of their lives.  However, if they can concentrate their lives on activities which generate savantflow and integration with the bioflow, their damage will not be triggered.  They’ll be pulled towards forums for their art that invoke savantflows where negative emotions are replaced with emotional highs.


If substance addictions are biology-based, then invoking the different biological pathways inherent in savanting may lessen or eliminate their pull.  If substance abuse is a way to avoid emptiness, then the meaningful work in savantflows will offer an alternate route.  Evolution has ensured that we have many drives and biochemical draws to keep us pursuing a savantflow way of life.  Over time, they may become the substance of choice for addicts.

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Instant Knowledge from Savant Episodes



Excerpt from Savanting: Outperforming your Potential, Chapter 5 by Lauren Holmes (2019)

“Developmental psychologist Joseph Chilton Pearce is the grandfather of the conscious parenting movement.  In his book “Evolution’s End” (1992), Pearce recounts a story from his own life that demonstrates what he calls a “savant episode.”  It serves as another example of external information inflow, but this time from a nonsavant with normal intelligence.

In his early thirties, Pearce was obsessed with the nature of the God-human relationship – a key thrust of his savant domain.  One morning his five-year-old son came into his room and launched into a 20-minute speech on the nature of God and man. “He spoke in perfect, publishable sentences,” Pearce writes, “without pause or haste, and in a flat monotone.  He used complex theological terminology and told me, it seemed, everything there was to know.

“As I listened, astonished, the hair rose on my neck; I felt goose bumps, and, finally, tears streamed down my face.  I was in the midst of the uncanny, the inexplicable.  My son’s ride to kindergarten arrived, horn blowing, and he got up and left.

“I was unnerved and arrived late to my class.  What I had heard was awesome, but too vast and far beyond any concept I had had to that point.  The gap was so great I could remember almost no details and little of the broad panorama he had presented.  My son had no recollection of the event.”[1]

Pearce speculated on how his son’s enlightening communication might have occurred.  His son was a bright, normal child.  At age five, his son had presented a field of knowledge which he could not have acquired – just as with savants.

“Terms such as telepathy are misleading,” Pearce warns.  “He wasn’t picking up his materials from me.  I hadn’t acquired anything like what he described and would, in fact, be in my mid-fifties and involved in meditation before I did.”

Pearce came to believe that his son had come into the influence of Pearce’s field of concern and the larger ancient field of theological and psychological inquiry.  “My son’s theological discourse was not random but squarely in keeping with my own passionate pursuits,” Pearce claims.[2]

Since the information was beyond Pearce’s knowledge and comprehension at the time, psi or ESP could not have been a possible explanation.  Therefore, Pearce concluded that his son must have undergone a “savant episode.”

Bioflow-driven savant episodes

Savanting offers another explanation.  It is not his son who was driving the savant episode but Pearce himself.  Pearce was operating in his savant domain exploring the nature of the God-human relationship.  He was likely in savantflow operating at his maximum at the time.  He was therefore connected to the bioflow which brings spontaneous information related to the activity generating the savantflow.

The savant episode was an example of support by the bioflow.  This support includes providing information for your progress or growth through a multitude of sources.  Such information might present through clusters of information coincidences, models of solutions, and facilitating people and events, for example.

Through his son, Pearce had access to information relevant to the goals of his savantflow within his savant domain in a slightly different way than savants.  However, the same principles apply.

As an aside I should point out that Pearce unfortunately didn’t realize that the information his son conveyed was state-bound to Pearce’s very deep savantflow.  He therefore did not immediately document the information so he could review it in his normal consciousness in order to retain it.

As you become the creative worldchanger you were meant to be, you’ll want to make it a habit to capture all your spontaneous knowledge during or immediately after your savantflows.

The first time I recognized that I was experiencing the type of savant episode Pearce has described was in 1992 when I had been operating in my savant domain for a little over a year.  I had already recognized that my savantflows were getting deeper and more profound over that time.  In this particular savantflow, I was stumped as to how biology was working in a certain situation.

A co-worker with negligible knowledge of biology opened my office door, stuck his head in, gave me the answer and then promptly closed the door again.  He used the same monotone that Pearce noted for his son.  To this day Jack has no idea why he did it, where he got the information, what he said, or even what the information meant when I repeated it back to him at a later date.

There is an additional part to savanting’s explanation of Pearce’s savant episode.  In this chapter you are beginning to see evidence that we are all born into the bioflow and must be taught to separate from it by our cultural institutions and our parents.  Therefore, preschool children tend to still be connected to the bioflow.  As a result, they do indeed come out with information they have not absorbed through their five senses.

Pearce’s five-year-old son was still connected to and compliant with the bioflow.  He thus became an instrument of the bioflow for providing the information that Pearce needed for the work of his savantflow.  Preschool children thus become an excellent conduit for externally sourced savant genius for advancing one’s work in one’s savant domain.

I suspect that Jack became an instrument of the bioflow like Pearce’s son because he too was working in his savant domain and thus complying with the orchestration of the bioflow.  Therefore, we can assume that the instruments for savant episodes are people connected to the bioflow.  However, there is one more unexpected explanation for Pearce’s savant episode.

Savant Episodes vs information coincidences

First, I want to take a moment to differentiate savant episodes from information coincidences.  Information coincidences will abound as soon as you begin savanting.  When you are complying with the directional information of the bioflow you will be colliding with the right information at the right time for meeting savant-domain goals.

This means you will experience a multitude of seemingly serendipitous information events such as opening a book at the right page; flipping on the right TV channel at the right time; meeting a person with the exact answer you need; or clicking on an internet news item with the exact model for the solution to your goal.

Savanting is an entirely different paradigm of operation.  Information coincidences are so prevalent in a serial-savantflow life that you’ll find yourself building into your project planning timeframes your accelerated progress as a result of expecting them.  Their absence from other sectors of your life makes pursuing a life in your savant domain all the more enticing.

However, the savant episode that Pearce describes or my experience with Jack is a whole other level of mystical magic.  This is a real person who gives you the answer you need without knowing they are doing it or having ever sourced that information in their past.

Information is nonlocal

What is the explanation for savant episodes and our increased access to information through savanting?  Let me quote myself from a section entitled “All Information is Distributed” in “Peak Evolution: Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience” (2001, 2010):

“As we learned in investigating the knowledge technology, quantum physics proposes that all information is distributed or nonlocal.  There is no local information or localized memory.

“It is a law of information theory that information transcends time and space, placing it beyond the confining limits of matter and energy. I thus hypothesized a holographic interconnection of all information.  A universal information hologram into which we, as information systems, are integrated.”[3]

Albert Einstein reinforced this concept, “Time and space are modes by which we think, not conditions in which we live.”  This is an important distinction.

Michael Talbot was the author of a book which was catalytic in launching my development of savanting.  In “The Holographic Universe,” Talbot concurred with Einstein, “Challenging evidence is being offered from a number of different directions that information, not mass or energy, is the ultimate fabric of the cosmos.”[4]

Many have heard from physicists that information is nonlocal but have not incorporated the possibilities of this fact into their belief system to augment their access to relevant information.  In fact, many assume they only have access to local information absorbed through their five senses.  This belief therefore limits the reality that they can experience.  Savanting provides the means to get practical about the application of nonlocalized information.

Alternative explanation of savant episodes

Therefore, I want to offer an uncommon explanation for Pearce’s savant episode which requires neither the spiritual nor religious disciplines normally associated with this subject matter.

There is a growing body of evidence developed by psychologists and consciousness researchers about the altered states of consciousness which are associated with even normal flow states.  These are enhanced, accelerated, and amplified in savantflows.  Over time savantflows become deeper, more productive, more creative, more profound, more mystical, and more expansive.

Consciousness continues to expand until suddenly you will experience cosmic-consciousness events in which you are one with everything.  As you progress, you’ll eventually find that, in your deepest savantflows, you can enter cosmic consciousness at will when it is beneficial to the activity which has incited your savantflow.  These states are much easier to achieve through savantflow than any form of meditation.

If one shifts into unity consciousness or cosmic consciousness in one’s savantflow only a single consciousness will exist.  Therefore, Joseph Chilton Pearce and his son would have been a single consciousness having a single epiphany during a savant episode that was Pearce’s not his son’s.

Consequently, we may assume that the powers and potential of humanity may be greater than I have alluded to this point.  They are greater than what is indicated by the existence of savants.  The normal state of consciousness of future humans may be far different than what is prevalent today.  Instead of visiting cosmic consciousness from today’s normal consciousness, we may instead be visiting normal consciousness from living life predominantly from expanded consciousness.

Needless to say, we are going to want to educate, enculturate, and nurture our children very differently in the future to retain the bioflow connection demonstrated by our six superachievers.  Anyone wanting their children to achieve their true internal-external potential will want to identify and cultivate their child’s savant formula.

There are more examples of external information access by other categories of nonsavants in the next chapter.  They will reinforce the hypothesis that the fuel behind savant genius is externally sourced and therefore accessible to all of us regardless of our intelligence, talents, or aptitudes.”

In our inner being, we are one with all.   Swami Dhyan Giten

Everything exists as information in a field of infinite possibilities, and it is our Consciousness that renders the information and causes it to appear as the material world.      Joseph P. Kauffman

The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.   Yasutani Roshi, Zen master

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