Accessing True Potential

An Overview of Savanting

Excerpt from The Encore: A Transformational Thriller, from Chapter 3, Connor’s Council Speech by Lauren Holmes (2018)

Connor stood at the head of the table collecting his thoughts on what he wanted to say.  Suddenly his thoughts were arrested by the sheer beauty of the high-gloss, deeply burled wood of the long thick tabletop.  He had never seen anything like it on Earth.  The three-dimensional complexity and convolutions of the pronounced grain patterns pulled him into their depths, grounding him.

It incited within him a resonance upon which he had come to rely to signal that he was taking the right path.  In an instant, everything he was about to say was recolored with new meaning and purpose.  It was infused with new energy and inspiration.  He was transformed from coerced to committed.  He began his speech from a new depth.

“The simultaneous occurrence of a number of crises which threatened the survival of Earth and humanity fueled a dramatic change in the power structure which had dominated our planet.  Those with the greatest power and/or money came to realize that all the power and money in the world were not going to save them.  They had no choice but to relinquish the reins to ‘lesser beings’ more creative and talented than they were who could solve the problems.

“The creativity and inventiveness of the world’s human resources were unleashed to find solutions.  Brilliant breakthroughs defeated the crises.  Humanity survived.  Civilization evolved into a more advanced level of existence.

“I’d been recruited as Commander-in-Chief, Global Human Resources Maximization because I’d had unusual success over a few decades in creating worldchangers.  Worldbuilders, may be more precise.  The key to my methods was a dedication to the daily use and improvement of one’s strongest most rewarding talents.  This was our maximum.  Our peak performance.

“I discovered that, once engaged, we had evolved mechanisms to addict us to operating at this maximum as you would expect of any successful species.  My formula triggered these addictive survival mechanisms for maximization.  Magic happened as a result of living this maximum day after day.

“An overdrive state emerged which exceeded known human potential.  It was a state of genius which we routinely observe in savants who do not have the brain capacity to express such genius.  It was the state of spontaneous knowledge which those who’ve had near death events universally describe.

“What emerged from my formula was serial breakthroughs, flashes of genius, creative inspirations, and other forms of spontaneous knowledge.  Whole systems or ‘books’ of relevant information seem to download into their heads to help them complete the task at hand.  One breakthrough could bypass hundreds of steps necessary to achieving a goal.

“The internal mechanisms humans had evolved to pressure peak performance to improve our chances of survival include addictive drives, biochemistry, positive emotions and passions, to name a few.

“These mechanisms are part of the same system we have evolved to maximize the health of our bodies.  But our pressure to maximize appears to be larger than an internal maximizing process.

“It became evident that human beings are linked to a larger external maximization process with which they have co-evolved.  This external maximizing machinery seeks to maximize all living things synergistically, symbiotically, and synchronously.

“This extension of our internal resources with external resources was the source of the overdrive state I discovered.  It was a new level of peak performance and human potential.  The formula I invented was the means to invoke this overdrive state.

“Recruiting this external maximization machinery occurs automatically when one is operating at one’s maximum.  This is because maximization internally and externally is a single system.  We have not evolved to operate as separate entities.  When one is complying with the direction of one’s maximizing machinery internally, one will automatically merge with the external maximizing machinery.

“Because this machinery is advancing all living systems, I call it the bioflow.  It is the direction of the co-evolution of all living species.  When we comply with the bioflow, our capabilities are suddenly extended by the power, information, direction, synergy, and evolution of all living systems.  We can achieve beyond our internal potential.

“To complete my overdrive formula, I discovered a fast route to maximization.  A built-in mechanism that humanity has evolved.  I discovered savantflow.  We’ve all experienced ordinary flow states.  They are periods of altered consciousness that arise from hyperfocus on an activity.

“They are sessions of complete absorption in an activity such that time, place, and sense of self disappear.  They invoke activity fusion, if you will.  Normally, our brains fire chaotically.  However, in flow, one’s entire brain unifies to a cohesive focus on the activity at hand.  Peak performance results.”

“Are you talking about that 1990 book called Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by a name I can’t pronounce?” asked Nyhus as he looked up from his tablet.

“Csikszentmihalyi (cheek-sent-me-high-ee),” responded Connor.  “And yes, this is the generic peak performance flow state to which I’m referring.

Savantflow is a specialized subset which I identified.  It occurs when the flow state experienced arises specifically from applying one’s strongest most rewarding talents and strengths in the most meaningful way for the most appreciative or valuing audience.

“This is the formula for the true maximum performance of anyone’s system.  Savantflow is the way for us to automatically flick into maximized state.”

Grand General Haugstad, the head of armed forces, interjected, “Did physicist David Bohm not talk about a ‘holomovement.’  How does this fit with the bioflow you’re describing?”

“For simplicity, you can assume they are one and the same, Grand General Haugstad.  You can assume a singular integrated, synergistic, and synchronous flow or pulsation for all successful living systems.  Every successful living system is co-evolving dynamically.”  Haugstad nodded.

“This organizing bioflow continuously puts each living system into proximity with the information they need to advance and maximize,” continued Connor.  “Think of every living system as simply an information system.

“Think of nature as a librarian who organizes these living information systems to the advantage of the majority and priority.  When one merges with the larger maximization machinery, the librarian will position you advantageously in the database to source the information you need next for the task you’re focused on in your savantflow.  The information you need for your continued or sustained maximization.”

“You said ‘goals which will maximize them,’” interrupted KahlDahr Chief of State Lennart Lorenson.  “So then not every goal will be supported by the bioflow?”

“Correct, Minister Lorenson.  And an astute observation.  One must frame one’s goal in the direction of the internal-external maximizing process if one wants the bioflow to accelerate and enhance its achievement.  Each of us can know what future goals will be supported based on what goals were supported in our past.

“One’s maximum is a constant.  The way the bioflow pressures your system to maximize is a constant.  Therefore, what was supported in your past will be supported in your future.  You will know which projects will succeed or fail based on your history.  You’ll have predictability.

“If you’re trying to obtain money to perpetuate a state of sub-maximization, or worse, a detrimental state, you’ll have to fight upstream against a bioflow intent on maximizing you,” explained Connor.

“Would the corollary be supported?” asked Rikard Riis.  Connor had to smile to himself at Riis’ interest in money.  He’d already suspected that Riis was a puppet who could be bought.

“It’s not as straightforward as that, Supreme Commander.  Money for something on one’s maximization path would be provided only if it is the fastest and easiest route to your maximization.

“We think we need money for every goal we want.  Nature, however, is infinitely more creative.  For example, one information coincidence might catapult you past hundreds of steps to your goal without the need for money.  Accordingly, you’ll want to be open to being orchestrated by the bioflow to achieving your goal through any channel rather than insisting it come through a specific channel such as money.

The goal of the internal-external maximizing machinery is to keep you in savantflow, your maximum state.  Period.  You’ll have to build your money goal in the direction that the bioflow is heading in order to benefit from it.

“I’ve already identified each living being as an information system,” continued Connor.  “Now I want you to think of creativity in information terms as well.  Creativity, creation, innovation, inventiveness, and creative breakthroughs are the result of combining existing information systems to create a new novel information system.

“Think of the merging of a system of DNA information from each parent to create a new novel information system, a child.  This recombining of information systems is how breakthroughs and epiphanies occur.

“This means that one will need easy access to the right information fuel to generate the breakthroughs necessary to solve Annutia’s crises quickly.  If you’ll allow the bioflow to orchestrate your direction, you’ll find yourself colliding with the exact information you need at the time you need it to re-combine for creative breakthroughs, flashes of genius, and Eureka events.  This happens automatically with savantflow-bioflow integration.

“Over time, the magnitude, speed, quantity, quality, and impact of your breakthroughs will increase.  Again, one breakthrough could eliminate hundreds of steps to achieve needed solutions faster.  One breakthrough can change the world.  One breakthrough can save a world in crisis.  This means that even the ordinary can achieve the extraordinary.

“Obviously, the access to information fuel is key to the kind of serial breakthroughs we need to address Annutia’s crises.  Let me explain how I discovered how to increase the fuel to increase the breakthroughs.

“Mysteriously, savants usually display genius in one of five general fields — music, art, calendar recall or computation, mathematics, or mechanical/visual-spatial skills.  A music savant may be able to perform an entire piece of music flawlessly after hearing it only once.  Or, they may be able to play an instrument perfectly with no instruction or practice.  Or, they may be able to demonstrate having an extensive repertoire of songs or pieces many of which they may never have heard before.

Calendar savants can quickly identify the day of the week, the weather, and events for any calendar date past or present.  Mathematical savants may be able to do rapid, complex calculations and equations in their heads in seconds.  They can suddenly know the right mathematical answer even though most have brains incapable of even simple arithmetic.

“It gradually became obvious to me that most savants share a common skill – access to massive amounts of field-specific information which include procedural instructions.  Savant superskills are information-based.  Information and savantism are intimately linked.  In some cases, the information base is itself the savant superskill as in mnemonist savants.  Mnemonists have the ability to provide long lists of data such as names, numbers, entries in books, and so on.”

“Do you mean a savant like Dustin Hoffman played in the movie Rain Man?” asked Axl.

“Precisely, Minister Plenipotentiary.”  Connor was delighted to discover another movie lover and another commonality with Axl.  “Though fictional, he’s the most famous savant.  He’s a composite of a few true savants.

“Through Raymond Babbitt, many of us were introduced to savants and learned what the human mind is capable of doing.  You could see how Raymond was dysfunctional for so many things, but for capabilities based on access to a large database of information, he was a genius.”

“Well, he must have been smart in some way to do the mathematical calculations he did,” conjectured Rikard Riis.

“Or did he simply access calculations already in existence in a database of all potential calculations, Supreme Commander?” speculated Connor.  His brain was too damaged to do the calculations or to retain the massive amounts of information which he demonstrated.

“I puzzled over why so many savants had precisely the same capabilities despite the variations in the damage to their left brains.  Why did they access the same five or so databases of information?  And why did those who acquired savantism later in life due to left-brain injury, suddenly know the same information about one of the savant field as other savants when they didn’t know it before their injury?

“And why did so many savants access this information even though neuroscientists were able to prove that, like Raymond Babbitt, their brains should not be able to retain such information even if they could acquire it?  This was all too coincidental to be simply an individual capability.  Something larger and more universal was going on.

“It suddenly occurred to me that every savant was downloading a single book or system of information from an external library specific to the field of their genius or talent.  Suddenly, everything fit.  Savants in each of the five fields of genius were downloading precisely the same book.  If the book didn’t exist how could they all have access to that same book?  The information had to be externally sourced.  This is why I now call my overdrive achievement methodology savanting.

“In savantflow, we automatically connect to the information database relevant to the activity which has generated the flow state.  Therefore, we have many more breakthroughs when we’re in savantflow.  We have access to more information fuel relevant to our task at hand which can be re-combined to generate breakthroughs.”

Azurite Chief of State Einar Nyhus looked up from researching on his tablet.  “Savant genius could indeed be externally sourced.  There is nothing in the Annutia or Earth databases which demonstrates that scientists have discovered mechanisms internal to savant brains which proves how their genius occurs.

“In fact, the study of savant brains has demonstrated the opposite – that savants should not be able to do the amazing things that they do.  Commander Kane’s explanation may indeed be the more plausible one.”

“Thank you, Minister Nyhus.  Creativity from non-creatives becomes possible with this new modus operandi,” continued Kane.  “As with savants, the quantity and quality of the breakthroughs is not limited by one’s intelligence, experience, or creativity.

“Rather it has to do with the access to information that results from integrating into the bioflow of nature’s larger maximizing process.  This automatically occurs in savantflow which is built into everyone.  It is everyone’s maximum state.  Therefore, we could recruit an army of both creatives and non-creatives alike to help solve the Annutia crises.

“In addition, integration into the bioflow enables one’s creativity to be guided in the direction of humanity’s evolutionary flow.  This means that the breakthroughs one will have will be important to the evolving human race.  This integration is why a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos could invent at the front end of the evolution of civilization thus ensuring their products and services would be popular.  They lived in savantflow.

“Therefore, connecting to the bioflow is how we’ll ensure that we’ll have the specific breakthroughs necessary to save Annutia.  The bioflow is already trying to correct the damaged living systems of the planet.  If we tap into that, our efforts will be synergistic with nature’s efforts.

“To enter flow or savantflow, one must be stretched beyond one’s previous capabilities.  Consequently, growth is built in.  The more time you spend in savantflow, the faster your functionality and strengths will increase.  Therefore, over time, your system’s maximum will increase.

“Because flow is an altered state of consciousness, one’s consciousness will also develop over time.  Specifically, serial savantflow sessions will cause your consciousness or breadth of perspective to expand.

“What does this mean for you?  If you’re sitting in a rowboat on a river, your view of the events in your life might be like seeing boxes float past you.  However, if you’re in a hot air balloon above the river, you might see a pattern in those boxes or that they’re connected into a system.  From a plane you might be able to see that that system of boxes was connected to four other systems upon which you might capitalize to meet your goals.

“Eventually continuous expansion will lead each individual to experience unity consciousness.  This means you can see and capitalize on the interconnectedness of all things for each territory upon which you choose to focus.

The solutions you can contribute to the world from this state will increase exponentially.  With unity consciousness and immersion into the bioflow, you’ll have more information upon which to make decisions.  You’ll also have more information to combine into new information systems.

“In addition, expanded consciousness will also trigger a cascading increase in your baseline functionality.  Especially your meta-competencies.  Cognitive skills, for example, will improve.  There’ll be upgrades in abstract thinking, conceptual thinking, big-picture thinking, systems thinking, strategic thinking, mental agility, adaptivity, pattern recognition, trend perception, environmental scanning, problem re-framing, and ambiguity resolution.

“Now imagine this kind of accelerated growth across Annutia’s entire pool of human resources.  You’ll have raised the bar on the potential, the quality of life, and the operation of your entire civilization.  You’ll have made everyone’s life more meaningful and contributory.  You’ll have linked everyone to the bioflow guidance system, so they’re being orchestrated to the advantage of humanity.”

“At this point, a global transformation will occur,” continued Connor.  He felt his frequency rising and those in the room coming with him as he continued to reveal compelling logic while bringing them to an emotional home innate in everyone.

“What will have emerged is a singular creative, inventive force directed by nature’s evolutionary flow.  The need for government control and direction will dissipate into distributed power and leadership.  With every human being maximized in savantflow and moving with the bioflow, you’ll have created unified direction and unified consciousness.  You’ll have a civilization based upon a single shared consciousness and purpose.

“Flow is an egoless state in which all that exists is the activity at hand.  It is characterized by only positive emotions.  Identity and separation cease to exist.  Discrimination and conflict can therefore no longer exist.  War will disappear.  The fractionalization and segmentation of your society will fall away in this nature-run, talent-maximized world.

“Your society will have achieved spontaneous unification.  All will become one.  A single synergistic and synchronized oneness will emerge for the advance of humanity.  Universal peace and love would now be achievable as a byproduct of individual self-actualization and fulfillment.”


Author: Lauren Holmes

As CEO of, Lauren Holmes invents customized companies, projects, jobs, and career and company strategies which will enable clients to biologically maximize to achieve goals and impact at their maximum or beyond. Lauren is a biological anthropologist who helps people and companies to superachieve by extending their capabilities with surrounding biological infrastructure with which humans have evolved to partner.  Contact her through

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