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Excerpt from Savanting: Outperforming your Potential Chapter 24 by Lauren Holmes

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny – he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed.  You are not here accidentally – you are here meaningfully.  There is a purpose behind you.  The whole intends to do something through you.               Osho

So many have an emptiness that causes them to yearn for more meaning, purpose, and mission in their lives.  They feel purpose is the key to a plethora of desirable psychological, physical, material, and emotional rewards that they crave from their core. 

In fact, this need is so widespread that one could assume that it is genetic.  And it would be understandable why evolution might select for such a yearning to pull us to protect, adapt, and advance the species.

The methods currently popular for discovering one’s purpose are rather haphazard – yielding imperfect, incorrect, temporary, burdensome, or unsustainable directions.  Savanting more precisely satisfies this craving for the desired emotional state of having purpose.  Instead of having to rely on human intelligence to determine one’s purpose, savanting conscripts nature’s intelligence.  Our purpose and even the need for a purpose are biology-driven. 


Biology is used in savanting not only to identify your purpose but also to drive it, evolve it, and adapt it throughout your life as you grow and as your context progresses.  The bioflow tells you when you are on purpose and maximized within your savant domain by responding with support. 

Biological mechanisms which have evolved over generations as part of our biological imperative determine what we now label “our purpose.”  It need not be the confusing intellectual exercise that so many seekers endure to find meaning in their lives. 

In addition, most popular methods for defining one’s purpose yield a goal-driven approach – a mission that you must achieve even if you dislike what you have to do to get there.  Savanting instead provides a state-driven approach.  It addresses the real goal – sustainably generating the fulfilling state of being that you are craving.  This is the underlying driver of the careers of our six superachievers.

This state is achieved and sustained by doing the most meaningful, intrinsically rewarding activities at your biological maximum with continuity.  Each of these activities build on each other throughout your lifetime until your legacy becomes significant worldchanging work.  You live your purpose rather than know where it will lead.  You have the “emotion of purpose” every day in savantflow as you scale frontier after frontier within your savant domain. 

Savanting provides the means to sustain a state of peak-purpose, peak-meaning, peak-growth, peak-performance, peak-achievement, and peak-creation in the territory of your greatest talents and passion.  It is the guidance system so many of us seek to keep us on-path throughout our lives. 

Your ideal “purpose” then would be the same as your savant formula.  It would have you operating at your biological maximum so that you can apply your strongest most rewarding talents to the most meaningful, intrinsically rewarding activities for an audience that will value this, your greatest work.  Add to this formula the support of the bioflow to help you outperform your innate potential and you have the only logical foundation upon which to build your life’s work. 

Now that you know about the bioflow, do you really want to risk committing to a life purpose which requires you to fight continuously upstream against its direction?  The advantage of savanting for identifying and implementing your purpose is that your pathway, at any point in your life, will be clear. 

There will be clear signals inside and outside of you when you are moving in the right direction.  The ideal path for your maximization can be determined at any point based on the empirical evidence of bioflow support in your past which will predict future bioflow support and hence your ideal direction.  You are guided. 

Even nonvisionaries can operate as if they have a vision of the future because they are guided by the evolutionary flow of humanity.  Even the execution-challenged may operate with the genius of execution creatives such as the four founders of Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.  Even noncreatives may generate the new and unprecedented. 

You are supported.  You have relevant information at the right time from the bioflow for a re-combining process which will produce new information systems to advance your savant domain.  You will enjoy coincidence after coincidence catapulting you ahead to a goal which may be better than the one you pursued when you started. 

How helpful is it to have a guidance system which is up to date with all the new inventions, innovations, and events in your savant domain despite you not knowing about any of them?  You will have a better chance of achieving your purpose when you go with the flow.  One’s savant formula provides a new more reliable way for determining one’s purpose and living it. 


To launch your biology-driven purpose, you need only to begin doing activities or pursuing learning that you are passionate about which will put you into a savantflow.  How do you know which activities are likely to invoke savantflows?  There are two ways to predict these.  

First, activities which provoked savantflows in your past will likely generate savantflows in your future.  Savantflows will have the telltale signs of support from the bioflow.  The savantflows will conform to a pattern or theme over time.  Your life purpose and your savant domain will emerge from that order. 

Savantflows are high-growth states.  Your purpose is going to evolve with serial savantflows as you do.  The “emotional feel of being on purpose” will provide you with better direction indicators than trying to apply labels to define and pursue your purpose. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to look back with 20:20 hindsight and see how your biological wiring in partnership with the bioflow has perfectly advanced you along a logical pathway that defines an identifiable purpose.  Then you can project that purpose into the future to accelerate your progression. 

The second way in which you can predictably determine which activities are likely to generate the savantflows defining your purpose is through other themes of activities supported by the bioflow in your past.  You can identify the direction of your purpose from any of several interchangeable themes or patterns of events in your past because they are all leading you to the same place.  Biological maximization.

Your unpaid work theme, your knowledge-pursuit theme, your creativity-pursuit theme, your frontier-pursuit theme, or the theme of activities that triggered relevant spontaneous knowledge, clusters of coincidences, or spontaneous creativity.  Each one of these themes will identify your biology-driven purpose. 

Just begin.  Find safe places, projects, or activities to begin the process.  The block and flow events in your reality will tell you whether you are going in the direction supported by the bioflow for your purpose.  You’ll have all the distinct telltale signs to confirm that you’re moving along your purpose path.  You’ll be attracting people, events, and information into your life routinely which will feed and facilitate the advance of your purpose. 

An intrinsically rewarding purpose

I want to reiterate a concept in the context of this discussion of biology-driven purpose.  The activities that are part of your purpose will be intrinsically rewarding.  This is not about doing activities you are excited about to achieve a particular goal.  “Intrinsically rewarding” or “biologically rewarding” mean that the activity itself is the goal. 

Think of our six superachievers.  Their childhood play became their adult paid play in the savant domain in which they became famous.  Their careers were biologically not intellectually driven.  So many seekers never find their purpose because this singular requirement was never met.  Instead of concentrating their time on intrinsically rewarding activities and letting a purpose-related context unfold, they instead sought a goal and took action – often unpleasant action – to achieve that goal. 

Your lifework may lie in a field which does not yet exist.  Or there may be a channel from which to launch it which never occurred to you.  There may be coincidences which can save you hundreds of steps to accelerate your start.  There may be a few models for how to proceed which, when you combine them together will lead to a worldchanging, paradigm-shifting breakthrough. 

Begin with what you know to try to trigger engaging addictive, emotionally rewarding savantflows.  What feels good; what you are passionate about; what is meaningful; what is fun; and so on.  When you discover your purpose, it will rely on work that is its own reward.  You cannot enter savantflow without this. 

Accordingly, it is also important not to choose work that you think will get you to the intrinsically rewarding work or place that you want to be.  This is contrary to the biological functioning and benefits of savanting.  You’ll have none of the magic working for you.

Author: Lauren Holmes

As CEO of, Lauren Holmes invents customized companies, projects, jobs, and career and company strategies which will enable clients to biologically maximize to achieve goals and impact at their maximum or beyond. Lauren is a biological anthropologist who helps people and companies to superachieve by extending their capabilities with surrounding biological infrastructure with which humans have evolved to partner.  Contact her through

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