Accelerating Growth

Growth Acceleration

Excerpt from Peak Evolution:
Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience , Chapter 15 (2001/2010) by Lauren Holmes

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.”                                    Alan Cohen

Growth is the success skill of the new millennium. Our world is changing at an accelerating pace. Those who wish to survive and thrive must excel at the art of growth. With growth expertise will come growth safety and proficiency. Because of our natural drives, if growth is safe, we will want to do it all the time.

If we commit to growth as a way of life, as a raison d’être, eventually there will come a point of no return where we will become benevolently addicted to growth. We are so designed for growth that once we become growth experts we will become growth addicts. Growth is exhilarating when you know how to do it.

Nature is the expert in growth and adapting to change. Rather than trying to duplicate nature’s expertise, the smart strategy is to partner with nature. The Optimizers give us the means to do this. When we harness natural forces through the peak evolution science, we can achieve unforeseen rates of growth as a way of life. The growth technology promotes a powerful and profound way of being and becoming in partnership with nature.

It is my hope that by making you consciously aware of the naturality flow and enticing you to reintegrate into it, you will get to the point where no conscious effort is required for growth and peak performance.

The analogy I like to use is one of learning to drive. Initially, there seems to be all too many things to remember and too many stimuli competing for our attention. Over time, however, the whole process of driving becomes natural, automatic and unconscious. That is our goal for your future modus operandi – automatic growth and automatic creation in unconscious compliance with nature’s Optimizer signals and your naturality.

My perception of the evolved human being is based on accelerated cycles of self-creation, creation, self-creation, creation, self-creation, and so on in perpetuity. Alternatively, you can think of this iterative process as self-growth, creation-growth, and so on. We grow ourselves and then our creations grow by reflection. The pursuit of more significant creations is the impetus for growth. The process of striving to create better realities grows us. Growth, then, has a single focus and that focus orders our lives.

Isn’t the real focus of existing in the dimension we do to create at our maximum potential and evolve in the process? We want to achieve our greatest legacy through our greatest capability. More than this outcome, we want to sustain peak creation as the ultimate expression of ourselves.

The experience of growth-creation flow, with its built-in peak performance and peak evolution, is the ultimate state of human existence. The stretch required for the pursuit of meaningful creations invokes flow at the deepest levels and flow is a growth state. New growth is the byproduct of creation and new creation is the byproduct of growth.

Growth is a change in beliefs. Beliefs are information storage units in our system. Growth means the information held in our systems has changed. In a belief-created reality, our realities will change as our beliefs change. If our realities haven’t changed, we could not have changed our beliefs and no growth has occurred. To grow our reality creations, we must grow ourselves. We must hold new information that sends different instructions to reality.


“Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth.”43                              C. S. Lewis

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.”44                                Henry Miller

Human growth is a process of developing, maturing, increasing, advancing, and strengthening. Physical and psychological growth is well documented. We also have good evidence of how we evolved to our current physical and cultural state. Our understanding of future evolutionary growth of individuals, however, is still emerging. This perspective can instruct on a modus operandi for living that will generate our highest emotional states, our highest levels of performance, our greatest contributions, and our greatest rewards.

In the naturality paradigm, evolutionary growth is the process of continuous re-optimization that is required as a result of interacting with co-evolving systems in our context. Creativity in one system changes the environment of another system requiring it to re-optimize. As such, growth entails the creative resolution of optimization challenges.

Growth is advantageous, adaptive change where an improved level of functioning is sustained. It is the process of continuous adaptation to our changing world. Consequently, there is no arrival at a final end state. Our growth expertise is defined by the degree of adaptiveness of our personal system. The growth technology dramatically increases both the quality and speed of our adaptivity.

Science routinely discovers new hierarchies of order out of chaos. There is an underlying dynamic order that exists throughout the universe and, by token of us being part of nature, within every one of us.

The growth technology, as with all the peak evolution science technologies, capitalizes on this universal optimizing dynamic, the naturality flow. Nature is the expert for re-optimizing or growing us. Consequently, we don’t have to go through a major learning curve to become growth experts. We just need to learn to partner with this optimizing dynamic as identified by the ten Optimizers.

Evolutionary growth in the naturality paradigm is achieved by aligning with the optimizing forces of nature. These forces are relentlessly re-adjusting interacting systems for optimal performance in reaction to changes within any or all of their co-evolving systems. Because we are designed for re-integration into the naturality flow, we can expect to be benevolently addicted to this flow. We come equipped with natural drives to draw us into this flow and emotional highs to keep us there. Our cultures have simply interfered with this process.

In the naturality paradigm, growth and re-optimization to environmental changes are always in the direction of naturality. Growth is towards increasing expressions of our naturality. Think of the expression of the “true you” expanding by concentric circles around your authentic core. This is our natural growth path. It is not linear.

Natural forces are perpetually acting on us to push us to intensify our expression. We do not need to have conscious control of it. We can simply action the messages of the ten Optimizers. Growth then can be defined as the amplification of an individual’s true innate identity. Growth is measured by the creative expressions of that natural identity . . . . our reality creations.

Progression along our natural growth path is really a process of locking new and stronger beliefs into our system. Growth is about changing our belief structure. Beliefs are information storage units in our system. Growth, then, changes the information structure of our system.

Therefore, without belief changes, no growth has occurred. In a paradigm in which beliefs create reality, new beliefs mean reality will change. Therefore, if there is no corresponding change in reality, can we really say that growth has occurred? The degree of improvement of the adaptivity of the new reality over the old reality is the measure of our growth at any point in time.

    The purpose of growth, then, is to enable us to create the next reality we want to bring into existence, the next expression of our natural identity. Growth is an iterative process of self-growth and creation-growth. If we are happy with our current reality, there would be no need for growth.

However, human beings are not designed to maintain the same emotional highs from the same stimuli. Unfortunately, we adapt to them. We need new stimuli to sustain the same positive emotions. We are designed to grow, learn and create new things. Therefore, the requirement for growth is perpetual. In addition, because of the interaction of multiple creative systems, our capability for sustaining a reality over time isn’t possible. Change is a constant.

The growth process then is really to define our next desired creation and become the person who has accomplished that creation. When the creation comes into existence, it will then reinforce our new state of evolution. Self-creation. Creation. Self-creation. Creation.

There is no growth without the expression of that growth out into reality. A change of beliefs creates a change in reality. We grow and create in the same direction, since growth and creation are two sides of the same coin. As you change your beliefs, reality is automatically changed.


Choosing the right growth direction can accelerate growth. The direction for every aspect of the technologies presented in this book is identical. Successful growth projects will move in the same direction as successful pathfinding and reality creation projects. The formulas for experiencing spontaneous knowledge, flow, and growth are not only consistent but identical. To maximize our potential, we must move with nature in the direction of the naturality flow.

The dissection of our ideal re-integration with nature’s optimizing flow into the knowledge technology, the reality creation technology, the growth technology, the pathfinding technology, the reality design technology, and the quantum leap technology is artificial. It is just a means to perfect each of the components that will allow us to transition into the naturality paradigm to operate proficiently in the way we have evolved to function.

Growth is a continuous process of adaptation to our environment. The peak evolution science is a means to transition back to our highest form of creative adaptiveness for peak performance and peak evolution. Let’s examine the direction of growth so we can remain focused and strategic in our efforts.

Move with the Naturality Flow

If we can grow in the direction nature is trying to evolve us, growth will be easier and more efficient. We will be moving with nature rather than fighting it. A multitude of natural processes and mechanisms will facilitate our progress rather than interfering with it. If we know nature’s growth goals for us, we can go directly to them. This is more advantageous than meandering through disconnected growth events without getting their cumulative effect. Where possible, we would want to minimize disconcerting transition states and instead move from one stable state to the next. In other words, we would rather quantum leap than transition gradually. This becomes easier when we know where we are going.

If we want to accelerate our growth, all we need do is identify the naturality flow by the ten Optimizers indicating its direction and move with that flow rather than fighting it. In fact, it might be more strategic to become proactive in accelerating ourselves in the direction supported by nature.

Coincidences, flow events, quantum leaps, and spontaneous knowledge events will abound. We will experience the peak performance and peak experience of flow. Emotional highs will optimize and energize us. Because we exist in pure naturality in flow, adaptive realities will automatically be created by reflection. Whatever is needed next will appear by a series of coincidences reflective of the precision of our instructions to a belief-created reality.

Short term, systems want to operate at their peak efficiency to meet their needs. Long term, systems want to survive. You will notice, through the Optimizers, nature taking both aspects into consideration before supporting any changes to our system.

With 20/20 hindsight, it will become apparent that nature has much more information than we do from which to choose directions of growth. That information leads to additional options and creativity unavailabletous.

Until our consciousnesses are expanded enough to see how everything interconnects, we can rely on the ten Optimizers to flag our ideal growth direction based on nature’s greater intelligence and knowledge.

Growth is about constantly adapting to a changing context. With pressure from nature, our system will be trying to re-optimize every time something changes. Interacting systems which are also constantly using creativity to resolve optimization challenges must constantly re-adapt to each other. All of the systems then are progressing. They are growing and changing.

Therefore, for our system to remain at its peak, we will always have to keep pace with systems relevant to our survival. Our system must co-evolve. Again, the ten Optimizers will reflect nature’s greater knowledge of what’s happening in all of our surrounding systems. They will point us in the ideal direction for growth.

With each creative resolution of an optimization challenge in any interacting system, the whole context advances. Re-optimization then has both a short-term aspect and a long-term aspect. Short term, your system might just adjust to come back into balance and optimal performance given a single change within your context. However, that short-term change is ideally made in such a way that the long-term fitness of your system is increased or maintained.

We cannot remain consistent with the world save by growing  inconsistent with our past selves.45          Havelock Ellis

Let’s think like nature for a moment. “Fitness” indicates a system’s ability to keep as many options open as possible to adapt to future environmental changes. Fitness then is the means to ensure the long-term viability of a system. Therefore, fitness is the way we will keep our system safe and thriving. Whenever nature is resolving an optimization challenge to our system through growth, fitness will be a consideration.

When operating in a shared context, an improvement in the “fitness” of one system will lead to it having an advantage over competing systems. Therefore, continuing development is a must just to maintain a system’s “fitness” relative to the rest of the systems it’s co-evolving and competing with. This concept is called The Red Queen Principle and it was proposed by the evolutionary biologist L. van Valen (1973).

The Red Queen Principle is based on the observation to Alice by the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” that “in this place it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.3    Ideally then, we will want to keep pace with the rest of the human race.

Therefore, re-optimization is a never-ending process both short term and with respect to the long-term increase of the fitness of our systems which enable us to co-evolve with the supporting and competing systems within our context. Not only does our system have to adapt and adjust to each system we bump into, our system also has to progress with the rest of the systems in order to ensure our needs are met. If growth is re-optimization, then growth is with us forever and we will want to become expert at it.

Only Two Directions of Growth

Let’s translate the direction of the naturality flow into practical, actionable terms. There are only two major directions we need to be concerned about with respect to growing in the direction of nature’s flow. The first is the removal of interferences to naturality (Growth Direction I).

The second is the continuous augmentation of the expression of the authentic nature of our system (Growth Direction II). Everything needed to comply with these two directions is presented in this book.

Specifically, this includes the ten Optimizers and the peak evolution science: the knowledge technology, the reality creation technology, the growth technology, and their subsets, the pathfinding technology, the reality design technology, and, finally, the quantum leap technology you will learn about in the next chapter. The ten Optimizers help us identify the naturality flow for both the expansion of our naturality and the clearing of interferences.

Growth along our path of optimization around our authentic identity is a given. If nothing else, we have only to get out of nature’s way and it will happen. That means we have to stop fighting nature – trying to go in a different direction than what the messages are indicating. In fact, by honoring nature’s messages, we can accelerate this inevitable natural growth process.

GROWTH DIRECTION I: Clearing Interferences to Naturality

Our self-created reality is a phenomenal tool for helping us to clear the maladaptive beliefs interfering with our expanding naturality. In the Reclaim Your Reality chapter of the reality creation technology’s De-Create Undesirable Realities section, we learned that nature is very systematic about clearing one disruptive belief after the next. This clearing is prioritized based on the threat each belief is to either being able to operate with naturality and/or to the achievement of our current emotional goals.

A cluster of events reflective of the dysfunctional belief will emerge in our reality with increasing strength and number until it is cleared. Take an inventory of past events to see this incredible orderliness in action in your own life. This needs to be seen to be believed. This is obviously a growth direction we want to not only comply with but to proactively assist. Toxic emotions are cleared in the same systematic way in partnership with reality.

We also learned how to clear struggle events which result from conflicting beliefs creating conflicting realities. In addition, we learned how to clear fear beliefs since fear beliefs can create realities in the same way that any other beliefs can. Reality design technology can also be used to create information coincidences for reality to act as your mentor; or to provide courses on the various territories of growth that you need to pursue; or toxic beliefs that need to be cleared.

In Chapters 9 and 10, we learned how to clear whole complexes of beliefs interfering with our naturality with respect to powerlessness and judgment, respectively. Both these belief complexes are unfortunately culturally induced and therefore inhibit many of us from being the people we were designed to be. The effects of removing these two belief complexes are so dramatic that the process for each should be considered a quantum leap.

We have another opportunity to clear a plethora of conflicting beliefs every time we set a new goal. I’ve mentioned the new-goal syndrome before, especially with respect to problems when setting new reality creation goals. However, it has advantages in the growth technology for accelerating growth. We can proactively use this phenomenon to address Growth Direction I challenges for growth.

With each new goal, all relevant beliefs are activated and begin neutrally sending instructions to reality. Some may yield positive events while others are negative. Pairs of beliefs may be in conflict creating struggle events. Consequently, right after setting a new goal, we may experience a number of struggle events. Struggle events flag conflicting beliefs we need to change in order to achieve the new goal. The faster we change them, the faster we will achieve our goal and the faster we will grow. The bigger the goal, the greater the number of belief changes because more parts of our belief blueprint are activated. Proactively setting substantial goals, then, is a means to clean up our belief blueprint that much more quickly.

At first, the negative post-goal-setting events might seem to suggest we should not be pursuing that particular goal. Blocks have no negative emotions associated with them, other than perhaps a little frustration. Therefore, if your post-goal-setting events have a definite negative emotional charge, you are likely experiencing struggle events caused by conflicting beliefs.

As well, if you have passion for your new goal, then you know it’s right for you. This is a clue as well that the problem events might simply require the removal of interfering beliefs activated by your new goal rather than abandonment of your goal. Once you know what nature is trying to accomplish, you can help it, accelerate it, and become proactive. Some of the common conflicting beliefs usually include valued/not valued, respected/not respected, powerful/powerless, abundance/scarcity, safe/not safe, free/not free, capable/not capable, and worthy/not worthy.

To grow, all you have to do is your normal procedures for clearing interferences to naturality presented in Chapters 8, 9 and 10. You will want to incorporate the cleanup of conflicting beliefs into every new reality design you make. As you become a growth expert, you will automatically be actioning any struggle events that come up in order to eliminate the conflicting beliefs that caused them. But as a “growth novice,” this may not be business as usual for you yet.

By consistently setting significant goals, you will be able to identify maladaptive beliefs interfering with your naturality at a much faster rate. This means you can clear them faster thus freeing yourself to move along your natural growth path more quickly.

Whenever you set a new goal, all of the beliefs relevant to that goal are activated to create the necessary reality. We often can’t identify problem beliefs through introspection. However, when they are dumped out as events in reality they become much easier to identify. Reality then becomes one of the many self-correcting feedback systems designed to keep us in optimal form.

When you make the necessary belief changes, events reflective of the old belief get smaller and less frequent until they fade away. At that point you have verification that growth has occurred. Reality has changed. Therefore, the information in your belief blueprint must have changed. Because reality is 100% self-created, you can use it to strengthen your naturality as well as clearing interferences. Using the new-goal cleanup process is an example of how you can proactively accelerate a process that nature is doing anyway. If we respond to the messages early enough, there is no need for growth to be painful.

You may have had a terrible childhood leaving you with all sorts of emotional scars. Because growth is re-optimization, it is not about going back and making right all of the damage we received from childhood traumas or unfortunate events in our lives. There is no need to relive those experiences in order to clear your system. In fact, doing that will re-vitalize all sorts of old dysfunctional channels, responses, and toxic beliefs and emotions. These, in turn, will create unpleasant events in your reality by reflection. To use these channels again is to strengthen them and create events which will re-traumatize our system.

How much better it would be to have those channels atrophy from disuse. This is what nature does. Just because there is a defect in your system does not mean it has to be corrected. The way to enable these pathways to become dormant is to not keep irritating them or engaging them.

This could be accomplished by avoiding toxic territories. It can also be achieved by building a parallel replacement structure as we did when we exchanged the powerless and power reflexes. And, rather than evolving this replacement structure linearly, it can more quickly come into existence by reincarnation and a quantum leap, again as we did in the powerlessness intervention. Therefore, rather than developing a reality design which evolves you out of the previous toxic state, you need only re-conceive of yourself with new, more advantageous pathways.

Growth is re-optimization, not perfection. Your system can be dysfunctional in many ways that are not called for by your current context. As long as your current circumstance does not invoke those dysfunctional pathways, you can operate with peak performance.

If new goals require the activation of some of your dysfunctional beliefs, these beliefs will create problem events in your reality. Once the problem beliefs can be seen in the events in your reality, you know this is new-goal syndrome and can routinely clear them. Whenever you have negative emotions, this is the signal to select your preferred emotional goal or a reality that symbolizes your preferred emotional state and re-start the cycle of self-creation, creation, and so on.

It is only necessary to clear what is interfering with your naturality right this moment as flagged by the Optimizers. If there are no negative events occurring, then assume your imperfect self is optimized. The ten signals will tell us when there are changes to be made for the current needs of our system. Nature’s focus is strictly in the present at resolving whatever the current optimization challenges are. Nature does not go back to correct historical flaws or previous evolutionary states of the system.

Our system, however, does store the record of past creativity used to solve problems. For example, your body can store antibodies which were developed to re-optimize from a smallpox immunization shot or worse, after the trauma of the disease. We can look at the blood serums of individuals and trace from what peoples and geographical locations their ancestors have derived. We can identify our physical evolutionary history through looking at the primitive states a human embryo passes through.

Nature didn’t go back and correct this embryo for a more efficient version attuned to how we are in our current evolved state. It patches what is not working. Again, good or bad, the history of past creativity and evolution is captured in our system. What is not relevant to our present circumstance is not activated.

To help nature, we want to avoid territories that keep active or reactivate toxic channels. Move in the direction of nature’s ten signals in order to attain peak performance and peak experience. Those signals will lead you to quantum leap to a life of pure creativity where you are experiencing your highest emotional states doing your art in flow. In no time at all, you won’t even be able to access the old toxic emotions.

GROWTH DIRECTION  II: Increasing Your Naturality

Growth or re-optimization is trying to happen to us all of the time. Just as our various internal systems clear toxins out of our bodies every day, we have just reviewed elements of the naturality flow attempting to do this by purging interfering beliefs and emotions from our systems (Growth Direction I). Simultaneously, the naturality flow is also trying to amplify, enlarge, and expand the expression of our authentic core, our true identity. Following here, then, are the elements identifying and supporting Growth Direction II. Compliance with these directions should greatly accelerate your growth process and your understanding of how nature is acting on your system to optimize and evolve you.

Follow your Natural Growth Path

For Growth Direction II growth, we will want to continuously expand our naturality or the strength of our naturality by concentric circles. This is the natural growth path. It is not linear. It is not the progression from one form to another. Rather, it is an enlargement or intensification around our central core. Naturality is the emotion of naturalness that results when we are in alignment with the state of optimization of our system – when all of the information inside and outside of us is in balance. This is our best functioning at any moment in time.

You have to feel the emotion of naturalness inside of you. You have to feel those drives trying to take you to naturality from inside of yourself – drives to self-knowledge, self-improvement, self-esteem, self-expression, self-creation, self-valuing; drives to creativity, creations, achievement, contribution, service, and to meaning; drives to being valued for who you are and what you contribute or achieve; drives to being free to be you, to belonging – with your uniqueness intact.

Naturality is not a static state but changes with our adjustment to our context. The only constant is the feel when you get it right. This natural feel is our continuous goal state. It is similar to moving from the noise and disorder of the outer swirl of a tornado to the order, calmness and power of the eye of the tornado. We want to remain in the eye by doing one natural act after the next, after the next. This will drive our expansion by concentric circles.

At each expansion of our naturality, we will be capable of a new level of power over our realities with respect to creation. If those creations are expressions of our naturality, they will reinforce our naturality and strengthen our authentic core even more. The process of expressing our naturality strengthens that naturality. As a result, our next creations will be an even more significant expression of our naturality. It will again reinforce us to even greater intensities of our naturality.

The basic dynamic for living soon becomes self-growth, creation-growth, self-growth, creation-growth, and so on. Therefore, the more you express your naturality, the faster you grow. If you are trying to be someone else in various territories of your life, you are interfering with this natural growth process. In every territory, you need to take action based on the same feeling of naturality.

As we come into alignment around our natural growth path, every seeming impediment in our reality becomes a call for growth along this path. As we clear the problem beliefs, or change directions with the block events, our lives will gradually move to an ordered simplicity. Everything will be about our progress to our next level of growth, no matter which area of our life we are dealing with.

Align your Life to your Naturality

You can be proceeding on your natural growth path before you have aligned your life with your authentic expression. However, as you do meaningful projects which are consistent with your naturality, you are transformed.

Once you’ve experienced operating at your peak in the growth-creation flow which emerges when you do your art, you become less tolerant of your less evolved functioning in other parts of your life. They seem to be digressive “noise” that has nothing to do with your true work and state of being.

Projects not aligned with your optimization path and thus not supported by flow, will seem to be too much work given your enhanced capabilities in flow. Also, your productivity is less than in flow where flows and coincidences support you and there is an absence of blocks and struggle events. Eventually, you will find yourself shifting every part of your life into alignment with your naturality and the naturality flow.

In alignment, quantum leaps can become daily occurrences. Growth accelerates dramatically. Functionality increases. Peak performance and peak experience come into play. There will be exponential changes. Amazing new powers. Because you are in alignment, you are sending very precise instructions to reality with the full force of who you are. No parts are in conflict. Every facet of your being is conscripted to a single focus. Consequently, the accuracy, speed, and adaptiveness of your reality creation increases. In fact, realities supportive of your natural growth path appear with no conscious effort on your part. These supportive realities and creations further strengthen your naturality. The process spirals up to higher levels.

Alignment makes all Message Events Meaningful for directing Growth

The more you are in alignment with your naturality signature, the more accurate and valuable the messages in reality will be for your progress, your creations and your growth. These include all of the messages from the Optimizers: blocks and flows, coincidences, events that generated passions and emotional highs, flow states, toxic events, and struggle events.

Eventually you will align to the point where everything that happens to you is a significant message for your progress, for accelerating the growth-creation cycle even more. The number of extraneous events diminishes. This messaging phenomenon includes those clearing messages of the Reclaim Your Reality chapter. These systematically signal what interfering belief needs to be cleared next in Growth Direction I for growth acceleration. As a result of more meaningful message events, you can read the growth path easier which increases your speed of growth.

In alignment, the blocks and flows indicate the direction of growth and creation since these are expressions of the same naturality flow. If you are hitting block events, they are significant. Cease and desist. This is not the time to martyr yourself pursuing a particular channel to your goal that is generating block events in your life. No matter how sure you are that this is the only route, stop. You are wrong! You need to poll other possible routes. Or delay moving forward at this time.

And, if flow events are making it easy for you to go in a particular direction, go with them, even if you don’t see how they are related to achieving your current goals. One thing I’ve found is that “growth novices” leave a lot of flow events on the table which might accelerate their progress. Again, experiment.

Do seemingly irrelevant flow events lead to beneficial results when you follow them? Test out whether nature is trying to facilitate your progress after all. New beliefs about reality, nature, the optimizing process and direction need to be gained experientially. May I suggest you honor all blocks and flows until you’ve acquired your own experiential truth?

All of the Optimizers leave a historical record of communications from nature which we can use to identify our ideal growth directions to intensified naturality. For example, you will have flow events in your life when you are moving in the direction of your optimization and nature’s optimizing dynamic, and blocks when you are trying to go against it. Take an inventory of events in your past: blocks and flows, coincidences, events that generated passions and emotional highs, flow states, toxic events, and struggle events.

If you want to grow more quickly, you can simply analyze what the projections of those themes might look like in the future and proactively quantum leap to the indicated next level of expansion. If you are craving a faster growth rate, it is not necessary to wait for the signal events to appear in the present. Nature is very consistent so you can trust the historical record.

Take a look at the pattern of blocks in your past. It is telling you where not to go or grow in the future. There is no point in trying to grow in the direction of your blocks. Nature has already spoken. It is a mistaken cultural norm that has us constantly struggling against the blocks in our life.

Persistence is desirable in committing to have your goal. However, it is not advantageous if you are insisting on a particular channel and fighting all blocks to make that channel work. Innovate or change directions when blocks are encountered. However, persist to achieve your original emotional goal. If you are blocked in the pursuit of the symbol of that goal, find another symbol of the same emotional goal which is supported by flows.

If there is no pattern of block and flow events or other Optimizer message events in your life, it likely means that you have been externally referenced. External rather than internal events have been running your life. Use someone else’s life to prove to yourself that the messaging patterns exist. This will at least build your beliefs that this is, in fact, how reality operates.

To investigate, choose the reality of a leader or someone who operates authentically or naturally or has strength of character. In the meantime, begin to follow your resonance and the other Optimizers. Within a very short time, you will have generated a pattern of accurate message events in your reality. They will shepherd you to your natural growth path and naturality and help to clear interferences to that naturality.

Resonance always leads to our natural growth path and hence naturality, optimization, flow and the naturality flow. This is also the perfect way to see all of the growth trends and optimizing systems presented in this book in action. Unfortunately, we have habits, beliefs, rules and cultural norms which interfere with following our resonance. The peak evolution science is designed to get you back to what is natural. Natural drives will lock you into nature’s flow so the science will no longer be needed once you are in alignment.

Resonance was one of my greatest clues that the naturality paradigm was correct. If you do nothing but follow your resonance, you will end up in the same place as if you did everything that the peak evolution science prescribes. In other words, you will end up in the naturality paradigm fully integrated with the creative optimizing flow of nature.

If you honor your resonance, you are automatically going to be slipping into flow state more frequently. Flow has growth built in. The entrance fee for entering flow is that you must be stretched beyond your current capabilities. Therefore, you can’t help but grow.

Flow or activity fusion is a backdoor to growth. Flow is pure naturality. Flow increases flow. And flow increases naturality. Flow is a re-optimizing state bringing you back to your naturality. Flow automatically advances us on our evolutionary path. The trick is to hang onto your gains between flow states. Doing your art in growth-creation flow is the best activity for growth gains.

If all Optimizers lead to flow, and flow is a growth addicting state, then we are designed to be perpetually in growth. Those who have mastered the human living experience are those who are growth experts. Because of the nature of our natural drives and Optimizers, to be a growth expert will automatically make us growth addicts.

Being growth addicts will motivate us to perfect the art of accelerated growth. Once you enter the naturality paradigm and growth becomes a way of life, growth is exponential by quantum leaps rather than linear. More about this in the growth horizon section later in this chapter.

The greatest flow states occur around meaningful learning and creations associated with our art. This tells us another direction in which to move for growth. We must liberate ourselves to a life of doing our art. For most people, the resulting addiction to the territory where they have natural talents and skills will lead to a life aligned with that territory. And with the accelerated growth path that results, you’ll soon find yourself operating and creating in that field beyond anything you could imagine.

The projects you become involved with will increase in magnitude and meaning until there is nothing else you want to work on. You have found your territory of greatest contribution and greatest reward, your most enticing growth path, and the route to peak evolution.

Once you truly experience your life theme which draws from you the most meaningful creativity, you will find that you never actually work again. Instead you will use the “effortless effort” of flow to accomplish monumental amounts of throughput. To the outside world, this can appear to be extreme dedication. To you, however, doing anything else is not an option. Your system has reached its dynamic home. Home for us is a flow state of naturality fully integrated into naturality flow. Your life moves into simplicity around the meaningful life theme(s) of your art.

Human beings have a built-in emotional adaptation to stimuli. This demands that we must perpetually pursue new stimuli to sustain positive emotional states. There is no arrival. Our emotional goals therefore, actually flag our direction of growth. Emotional drives are one of the ten Optimizers that identify the naturality flow.

Passion, in particular is an indicator of naturality. Passion tells you something is “you.” Growth will be supported in the pursuit of your passions. We use our creations, including reality creations, to assist us to achieve our emotional goals. The same self-growth/creation-growth process is invoked. Thus our emotional drives satisfy Growth Direction II needs for increasing our naturality.

Just as passion is an indicator of your naturality, so, too, is meaning. Pursuing a great cause means there is a significant reality you want to create. Therefore, the self-growth/creation-growth formula for growth is energized by pursuing what is meaningful to you. Advances along your natural growth path will automatically be triggered.

Your creations, including your reality creations, are the only measure of your growth. Desired creations are the motivation for growing. Creatively expressing your naturality through your authentic art is a profound way to expand and reinforce your naturality. Pursuing this creativity is an imperative direction for growth.

Become Internally Referenced

Many of us have been brought up to look for our identity or how we are going to feel from external events. How much money we have. Our job title. What parents think we should be. Or our employers and friends. However, when we commit to naturality, we are moving to an internally referenced state. There is a very definite trend from childhood to maturity to move from being externally referenced to internally referenced. This means, there is a natural evolutionary path from an identity, beliefs, and self-esteem based on the views of others to operating in accordance with our own internal voice. This then is another part of Growth Direction II.

Become More Fluid

As your growth experience and growth expertise increases, you will become much more fluid with growth as it becomes a way of life. You will be able to routinely change beliefs as they no longer serve you. This means you will be more fluid in changing your beliefs in order to change yourself and your reality. So many of us have been brought up to seek and expect stability when this is not the way of a world. It is filled with continuously re-optimizing and co-evolving interactive systems.

As a result, we are in constant distress when our expectations are never met. We live for the expected stable state not realizing that the stability we want is dynamic. There is safety in mastering dynamic stability and being fluidly able to respond to it. The shift from rigidity to fluidity is a growth direction we want to proactively pursue.

Move from Linear to Nonlinear

Most of us have been conditioned to operate with clear logical linear plans even though we consistently find that “stuff happens!” Consequently, we don’t always get to actually work our plan. Once you have the pathfinding, creation and growth technologies down pat, however, a truly more logical approach to achieving our goals is to operate nonlinearly in partnership with nature. Nature prefers to operate by nonlinear quantum leaps to resolve optimization challenges.

Therefore, if we operate strictly in the present simply actioning nature’s ten Optimizers, we will be capitalizing on nature’s nonlinear expertise. The growth horizon technique is discussed shortly to expand on this concept. With coincidences, flow events, quantum leaps and spontaneous knowledge, your effectiveness in going into the unknown will exceed even experts with the best plans. We want to capitalize on nature’s ability to get there faster. Nature seems to have infinite creativity for achieving a goal with its increased access to information. This is a partner worth having.

Follow the Optimizing Trends for the Human Race

In Chapter 12, Designing Future Worlds, we learned of the directions in which the entire human system is evolving. Just as reality creation benefits from “going with this evolutionary flow,” so too do the pathfinding technology and the growth technology. Here again are some current evolutionary trends for humanity you might want to take into consideration for choosing directions in which to accelerate your growth:

  1. The flow of the human system is towards oneness, wholeness, unification, interconnectedness, integration and cohesiveness. The terms “clustering,” “convergence,” “alliance,” “networks,” “networking,” “internet,” “internetworking,” and “community” are increasingly used in business.
  2. There is a continuous flow to optimization through creativity, the creative expression of naturality, and quantum leaps.
  3. Individuality is increasing.
  4. Creativity is increasing.
  5. The race is evolving towards expanded consciousness, nondual or unity consciousness, and higher frequency consciousness. We are progressing from egocentric to worldcentric and beyond.



Knowing the direction of growth is a wonderful asset for accelerating growth. There are some other growth expert tools that can accelerate your progress.


Flow is not only the direction of growth, it is a primary accelerator of growth. Flow is always taking us to naturality. Growth is built in because of the requirement for us to be stretched to enter flow. You’re in an egoless state that is pure naturality. Therefore, one of the best techniques for accelerating growth is to significantly increase your time in flow. As we learned in the last chapter, all Optimizers lead to naturality and hence flow. However, following our resonance is especially effective in increasing flow time.

Quantum Leaps and Coincidences

Quantum leaps, which include coincidences and spontaneous knowledge, are an incredible way to accelerate growth. Nature prefers to achieve evolution, re-optimization and growth by quantum leaps. It’s much more efficient to move from one stable state to the next without having to survive all sorts of gradations in the middle. Transitions are highly stressful, less efficient, and require much more work.

Many optimization solutions are not even possible by gradual evolution. It is difficult to imagine how to evolve a human eye, for example. It may be that the problem triggering your re-optimization cannot be resolved in a gradual way. It takes a redesign to an end state which may not necessarily even be linked to the start state. However, suffice it to say that what may look like an impossible task to grow from Point A to Point B can suddenly be achieved effortlessly by coincidences and quantum leaps.

Because the quantum leap technology offers a new artform and a new way of living, this mode of growth acceleration has its own chapter. Nature is much better at quantum leaps than we will ever be. Therefore, the solution, as with growth, is simply to learn how to partner with nature rather than to try to duplicate what nature does.

Your Natural Growth Horizon – Living Precisely in the Present

Growth speed increases tremendously when individuals come into alignment with who they are meant to be and when they begin to narrow their horizon of vision precisely into the present as a way of life. The goal is not just operating in the present but within the smallest possible horizon in the present.

The vision of our growth horizon can be thought of as a teeny, tiny window of time in the present. The horizon need only be as wide as is necessary to read the current signals from the ten Optimizers. All future thinking is relinquished as you shift into pure activity fusion in flow around the activity of actioning Optimizer messages.

From this narrow focus, we can grow at accelerating rates yet it feels like we are growing at the same leisurely pace. With increased fluidity, growth expertise, and the construction of an infrastructure of supporting beliefs and identities, growth will become easier. Therefore, over time, your effective rate of growth actually increases exponentially yet feels consistent.

It’s as if, without the past and the future, there are no signposts to show movement, and therefore, the speeds of growth do not register. Again, the metaphor of living in the calm center of the dynamism of a tornado seems appropriate. Comfort also comes from the fact that, without past and future thinking, fears do not enter into the picture. Unless you are in imminent physical danger, there is usually very little to fear in the present. The overwhelm that often accompanies growth also does not exist with our focus confined to actioning messages in the immediate present.

This growth horizon modus operandi is the way to feel safe and at home in the dynamics of the naturality flow. Just imagine what this comfortable, naturality-directed, growth is going to accomplish over time if it is accelerating exponentially! Further, if our focus is strictly on the Optimizer signals, we will automatically end up in flow. All Optimizers lead to flow, which, in and of itself, is a glorious growth state.

Also, the growth horizon technique, itself, leads to pure activity fusion around the activity of actioning the Optimizers as a way of life. With growth built into flow, this Optimizer activity fusion defines the underlying dynamic of both peak performance and peak experience. Peak evolution continuously raises our peak performance potential.

The Optimizer activity fusion or the Optimizer flow state is the height of our growth capability (the growth technology), our creation power (the reality creation technology), and our access to spontaneous knowledge (the knowledge technology).

This is the place where consciousness evolves beyond the prevalent state for the rest of humanity. This is the point in which we move to our highest frequencies where we can hold more information and light. One could speculate that there could come a point where our frequency can ultimately cause us to cease to be visible.

Just like other information defined by quantum physics, we, as systems of information, could, theoretically, become nonlocal and distributed throughout the universe. We could access conscious awareness beyond our bodies. This could explain the phenomenon we call death.

There is no need for having a big plan about your growth or where you’re trying to evolve to since we will always be evolving to intensified expressions of our art and our naturality. And nature knows how to do this best. It is more strategic to partner with nature through the Optimizers than to try to duplicate nature’s expertise.

For this, we need simply tap into the optimizing dynamic acting on all systems. All the things we think we are pursuing are just our attempts to achieve this end anyway. Nature’s communications tell you precisely what you need to do, message after message.

I developed this concept of the growth horizon initially on the basis of my work with Carl, a fifty-something marketing executive in a Fortune 500 company that was continuously downsizing. Carl lived in perpetual fear of being de-hired. He hadn’t grown or changed in a long time and the whole prospect was quite formidable. His last performance review had labeled him “Not promotable.”

To circumvent his continuous fear, we worked on taking Carl totally into the present by only having him action the messages from the ten Optimizers as they happened. He just had to focus on acting on each drive, each message event from his resonance, the blocks and flows as they happened, and so on. That’s all he had to worry about. He didn’t even have to think about the future. Gradually, all of Carl’s fears began to fall away. He felt safe for the first time.

At first, we didn’t realize Carl was growing to alignment with his naturality at such an accelerating pace because he wasn’t experiencing any growing pains. Carl was just happy. As his naturality alignment began to automatically create adaptive realities for him, the CEO was fired and Carl was made acting CEO while an executive search firm recruited a replacement. Carl did such an incredible job during the six-month search that he was presented to the Board of Directors with the final shortlist of candidates. Carl was unanimously selected.

As Carl’s alignment increased, he eventually reached the point of no return, where growth became an addiction. He was staying in the dynamic safety of his growth horizon window, but his effective growth rate was increasing exponentially. When Carl and I started, he was afraid of going into any new territory and couldn’t wait until he arrived at some craved stable state again.

Once he became a growth expert and a growth addict and reached this point of no return, things reversed. He disliked the static states. They would trigger an emotional nosedive for him. Depression, fear, low self-esteem, frustration and anxiety all arose when he wasn’t stretching himself into flow state to conquer a new territory.

Flow contains no negative emotional static and it would appear that it is biochemically addicting. Therefore, the new Carl felt most alive and happiest trekking into the unknown where flow was invoked. Stable states which could not incite flow were no longer appealing. In fact, he dreaded them. Carl was now co-evolving with an advancing world rather than falling behind that progress. He had become an adaptive human being. To Carl, his stability was now dynamic. There was no context in which he could not feel safe. This trait alone drew the loyalty and respect of his followers.

The Reality Creation Technology

With the link between self-creation and creation, the reality creation technology can be used to accelerate growth. It is possible to simply create a reality of ideal growth. You can control the speed and direction of growth and the degree of support you want from reality using the reality design technology. The best reality design is always in the direction of the naturality flow, as is the case for nature-supported growth.

As you gradually become addicted to your natural growth path, you will want to receive your growth “fixes” on a regular basis. Therefore, you will want to begin to build an infrastructure of instructions creating a reality of accelerated growth. I recommend having standing growth blueprints for how you want your growth to be; what speed you want; whether you want a quantum leap per week or per day; and so on.

Reincarnation is a self-initiated form of quantum leap. However, it’s an ideal technique for quickly internalizing a whole new set of beliefs in order to quickly change reality. Therefore, it would be advantageous to reincarnate yourself as a growth expert in order to quickly move to the level of expertise promoted through the growth technology. Reality can be set up to support you. Why go through a painful transition if you can quantum leap from one stable state to the next. Rather than transitioning slowly into a growth expert, why not go direct? I’ve already described the end state in the growth horizon section. Why wait!

    The reality design technology discussed in the Designing Future Worlds chapter includes a technique of “visualizing to the point of experiencing the emotions” the reality you want to create. You cannot experience the emotions of the new reality unless you have the relevant beliefs since you can’t have one thought, one emotion, one symbol or one event in your reality without the underlying beliefs.

We need to feel the emotions in order to shift the beliefs in order to create the new reality. And this new reality can include re-creating us as well. Therefore, this same reality design technique can be used to accelerate our growth process. It helps us to lock in the belief changes that are necessary for growth to have occurred and to be sustained.

Growth by assimilation is another tool like reincarnation that is a self-initiated means for dramatic growth. It is a subset of reincarnation. It is another means to experience the emotions in the “visualize to the point of emotion” intervention because sometimes we can’t visualize how it will feel to have a desired reality. It’s too far beyond our world of experience. We need some help.

Can you find someone who has already achieved your next growth goal and absorb his/her emotional structure, thoughts, experience, knowledge and passion for that goal? Assimilation goes beyond having “empathy” or even “modeling” to actually assimilating or internalizing the emotional/belief complex of someone else to speed the creation of a new reality for yourself. It is an emotion-based exercise rather than an intellectual one. Clairsentience is a means to assimilate more effectively.

In the Power of Identity chapter, we learned about how to use your creations to strengthen your identity through identity-affirming creations. This is the foundation of the self-creation/creation growth dynamic. Because reality is 100% self-created, we can use it to strengthen our naturality.

Proactively pursue creations you are passionate about because passion is an indicator of naturality. That means they will be supported by nature. As those authentic creations come into being, they will reinforce your naturality so that even greater creations are possible in the future: self-creation, creation, self-creation . . . . Just doing what you are passionate about can therefore catapult you along your natural growth path.

The Knowledge Technology

You can also use the knowledge technology or, specifically, the pathfinding technology to accelerate your growth. Pathfind what you need next to either remove interferences or to strengthen your naturality. Reality can become a gigantic computer giving you the growth answers you need next. Knowledge derives from information. We are evolving in our individual lifetimes and “evolutionarily” as a race to holding higher frequencies. We can hold/access more information as a result. Growth is the process of adding to and changing the information of our system.

Find the Route of Least Resistance

Because, as a civilization, we have not had expertise in growth, many people have come to associate growth with struggle. How many times have you known how you must change in order for your life to work again, but fought to resist that inevitable change. This just prolongs the unpleasant transition state. How much smarter does it seem, in 20/20 hindsight, to have simply proactively embraced the obvious.

Now that you know about the naturality flow, you can partner with nature’s expertise, processes and mechanisms to minimize disruptive transition states. You can know the direction of growth from the Optimizers. If you are moving with this natural optimization dynamic, it should be without resistance. Blocks tell us we are going in the wrong direction. Blocks which invoke a negative emotional charge are actually struggle events which require us to resolve conflicting beliefs. There is no need to fight nature anymore.

Nature always chooses the route of least resistance for its progress. The route of least resistance tells us we are on the right path. Struggle means we are resisting growth, re-optimization, and evolution. We are resisting making the changes indicated by nature. We are fighting nature. We are not reading and complying with the messages.

Yes, admittedly, there will be some anxiety until you accept and have experienced growth and continuous re-optimization as a way of life for you. The sooner you get started, however, the sooner growth will be comfortable for you. You and nature want the same thing for your system. It’s time to join forces. This is the route of least resistance.

“Through loyalty to the past, our mind refuses to realize that tomorrow’s joy is possible if today’s makes way for it; that each wave owes the beauty of its line to the withdrawal of the preceding one.”     
Andre Gide, Journals, 1928, TR Justin Obrien

Author: Lauren Holmes

As CEO of, Lauren Holmes invents customized companies, projects, jobs, and career and company strategies which will enable clients to biologically maximize to achieve goals and impact at their maximum or beyond. Lauren is a biological anthropologist who helps people and companies to superachieve by extending their capabilities with surrounding biological infrastructure with which humans have evolved to partner.  Contact her through

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